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House Journal: Page 543: Tuesday, March 5, 1996

 9   Act and June 30, 1997, unless the person for whom the
10   linked investment is to be made has been certified by
11   the department of inspections and appeals under
12   section 10A.302 and has submitted to the treasurer of
13   state a targeted small business borrower application
14   by the effective date of this Act".
15        .  Page 7, line 16, by striking the word and
16   figures "July 1, 1996," and inserting the following:
17   ", or following the submission of a borrower
18   application by a certified targeted small business by
19   the effective date of this Act".
20        .  Page 7, lines 18 and 19, by striking the
21   word and figures "July 1, 1996" and inserting the
22   following:  "the effective date of this Act or
23   certificates of deposit placed on or after the
24   effective date of this Act for persons who were
25   certified under section 12.52 and who have submitted
26   to the treasurer of state a main-street borrower
27   application by the effective date of this Act".
28        .  Page 7, by inserting after line 22 the
29   following:
30     "Sec. ___.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Act, being deemed
31   of immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment."
32        .  Title page, line 1, by inserting after the
33   word "investments" the following:  "and establishing
34   an effective date".
35        .  By renumbering as necessary."
Amendment H-5178 was adopted, placing out of order amendment
H-5168 filed from the floor by Metcalf of Polk.
On motion by Weigel of Chickasaw amendment H_5155, as amended,
was adopted.
Kremer of Buchanan asked and received unanimous consent to
suspend Rule 31.8, relating to the timely filing of amendments,
relating to House File 2397.
Kremer of Buchanan offered the following amendment H-5162 filed
by him from the floor and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend House File 2397 as follows:
 2     1.  Page 1, lines 8 and 9, by striking the words
 3   "crops or nontraditional crops in this state" and
 4   inserting the following:  "crops, or nontraditional
 5   crops, or nontraditional livestock in this state,
 6   including but not limited to the breeding or training
 7   of horses and dogs which are involved in racing at a
 8   facility licensed pursuant to chapter 99D,".
 9     2.  Page 1, by inserting after line 24 the
10   following:
11     "Sec. ___.  Section 12.33, subsection 1, Code 1995,

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