Referred to in § 216A.136, 232.149, 252B.9, 331.307, 364.22, 692A.13, 714.16 


This chapter was not enacted as a part of the criminal code but was transferred here from chapter 749B, Code 1977

692.1     Definitions of words and phrases.
692.2     Dissemination of criminal history data--fees.
692.2A   Criminal history data check prepayment fund.
692.3     Redissemination.  Repealed by 96 Acts, ch 1150, § 10.
692.4     Statistics.
692.5     Right of notice, access and challenge.
692.6     Civil remedy.
692.7     Criminal penalties.
692.8     Intelligence data.
692.8A   Redissemination of intelligence data.
692.9     Surveillance data prohibited.
692.10    Rules.
692.11    Education program.
692.12    Data processing.
692.13    Review.
692.14    Systems for the exchange of criminal history data.
692.15    Reports to department.
692.16    Review and removal.
692.17    Exclusions--purposes.
692.18    Public records.
692.19    Confidential records--commissioner's responsibility.
692.20    Motor vehicle operator's record exempt.
692.21    Data to agency making arrest or taking juvenile into custody.
692.22    Stalking information. 



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