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Senate Journal: Page 1224: Monday, April 22, 2002

S.F. 2259 - Amending Code provisions administered by the department of
education, including provisions related to participation in extracurricular activities,
tuition reimbursement payment by school districts under the postsecondary enrollment
options Act, interscholastic activities agreements, school infrastructure program
calculations, phase I payment calculations, and the use of phase III balances by school
districts and area education agencies. Approved April 26.

S.F. 2268 - Relating to animals other than livestock, including the taking of such
animals, providing for their disposition, and providing for the reimbursement of
dispositional expenses, providing for the protection of animals from injury or torment,
and providing penalties. Approved April 26.

S.F. 2275 - Relating to statutory corrections which may adjust language to reflect
current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete
temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and conflicts, update ongoing provisions,
or remove ambiguities and including effective and retroactive applicability date
provisions. Approved April 22.

S.F. 2280 - Relating to the requirements of the department of human services for
certain child welfare services providers and providing an effective date. Approved
April 23.

S.F. 2286 - Relating to the civil commitment of sexually violent predators, and
providing an effective date. Approved April 30.

S.F. 2293 - Relating to animal agriculture, providing for fees, providing for
penalties, and including retroactive applicability and effective date provisions.
Approved April 29.

S.F. 2305 - Relating to the administration of the tax and related laws by the
department of revenue and finance, including administration of state individual
income, corporate income, sales and use, property, motor fuel, and special fuel.
Approved May 6.

S.F. 2316 - Relating to the sale of certain farmland by Iowa state university of
science and technology, providing for the appropriation and use of proceeds from the
sale, and providing an effective date. Approved May 2.

S.F. 2318 - Relating to the tax on premiums and subscriber contract payments
received by insurance companies and health service corporations by phasing in a
reduction in the tax and increasing the prepayment of the tax. Approved May 9.

S.F. 2320 - Relating to the assessment of court fees by the clerk of district court.
Approved April 23.

S.F. 2321 - Relating to sales and use taxes by requiring the department of revenue
and finance to collect data on the extent and the effect on taxes of electronic commerce
in the state, striking the repeal of the tax treatment of sales where the substance of the
transaction is delivered by electronic waves, digitally, or by way of cable or fiber optics,
and establishing a committee to enter into multistate discussions on the simplification
of the sales and use taxes and including an effective date. Approved May 10.

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