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House Journal: Page 1953: Monday, May 7, 2001


A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on May 7, 2001, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary of
State the following bills:

House File 502, an act relating to agricultural production, by prohibiting acts
relating to facilities or operations, making penalties applicable, and providing penalties
and civil liability.

House File 635, an act providing that certain employees are not entitled to
compensation for time spent traveling to and from the worksite.

House File 680, an act relating to child and dependent abuse reporting and civil
remedies pertaining to such reporting.

House File 716, an act providing for taxes relating to ethanol blended gasoline,
making penalties applicable, and providing for the Act's applicability.

House File 722, an act relating to tonnage fees and moneys in the solid waste
account of the groundwater protection fund, and providing an effective date.

House File 733, an act relating to the Iowa individual health benefit reinsurance
association and the Iowa comprehensive health insurance association, by changing the
board of directors, membership, and assessment related to the associations, and
making changes related to adjustments in the coverage of basic and standard health
benefit plans.

Senate Joint Resolution 3, a joint resolution authorizing the sixth judicial district
department of correctional services to extend or enter into a new lease-purchase
agreement and providing an effective date.

Senate File 392, an act relating to appeals filed in juvenile court proceedings.

Senate File 473, an act concerning regulated industries under the jurisdiction of the
commissioner of insurance relating to various issues relating to insurance, relating to
the regulation of securities, by defining the terms "agent" and "security", providing
registration requirements, providing for disciplinary actions, imposing fees and civil
penalties, providing for testimony and the production of evidence, authorizing
cooperation with law enforcement entities, providing criminal penalties, and
eliminating reporting requirements, and relating to cemetery and funeral merchandise
and funeral services, establishing permit and purchase agreement requirements,
establishing and appropriating fees, and providing administration, enforcement, and
liquidation procedures, and penalties.

Senate File 519, an act relating to the assessment for property tax purposes of
certain affordable housing for low-income individuals and families.

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