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House Journal: Page 722: Wednesday, March 14, 2001


Rants of Woodbury asked and received unanimous consent that
House Concurrent Resolution 19 be immediately messaged to the


A copy of the following communication was received and placed on

March 13, 2001

The Honorable Mary Kramer
President of the Senate
State Capitol Building

Dear President Kramer:

I hereby transmit Senate File 267, an act relating to state budgetary matters by
providing for reductions and supplementation of appropriations made for the fiscal
year beginning July 1, 2000, and transferring, crediting, and appropriating certain
moneys, and providing an effective date.

We have some very difficult choices ahead of us as we determine next year's state
budget. Rather than create chaos with the state's budget during the last months of
this fiscal year, we need to get down to the serious business of focusing on next year's
budget. With revenues down, we will need to aggressively address next year's budget
in a thoughtful, planned, and bipartisan manner.

Senate File 267 is, therefore, approved on this date with the following exceptions,
which I hereby disapprove.

I am unable to approve Division III, Section 3 in its entirety. This provision
requires a one percent reduction for most general fund appropriations. Under this
Section, education and human services programs would bear the brunt of the cuts. I
made it very clear to Republicans that if they chose to move forward with budget cuts,
they would assume the responsibility for determining which programs and services
should be eliminated. Instead of thoughtfully studying how these cuts would effect
Iowans, they chose to make an across the board cut mandating a reduction in services
without specifying which services to reduce or eliminate.

I am unable to approve the language contained in Division VII, Sections 17 and 18.
These provisions would reduce the state's contribution to the Judicial retirement
system during the current fiscal year and future fiscal years. At this time, the judicial
retirement system is not actuarially sound. Reducing the contributions to the fund,
delays achievement of our long held goal of fully funding the judicial retirement

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