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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 2.10, subsection 1, Code 2001, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    1.  a.  Every member of the general assembly except the
  1  4 presiding officer of the senate, the speaker of the house, the
  1  5 majority and minority floor leader of each house, and the
  1  6 president pro tempore of the senate and speaker pro tempore of
  1  7 the house, shall receive an annual salary of twenty thousand
  1  8 one hundred twenty dollars for the year 1997 and subsequent
  1  9 years while serving as a member of the general assembly.
  1 10    b.  In addition, each such member shall receive the sum of
  1 11 eighty-six dollars per day for expenses of office, except
  1 12 travel, for each day the general assembly is in session
  1 13 commencing with the first day of a legislative session and
  1 14 ending with the day of final adjournment of each legislative
  1 15 session as indicated by the journals of the house and senate,
  1 16 except that.  However, if the length of the first regular
  1 17 session of the general assembly exceeds one hundred ten
  1 18 calendar days and the second regular session exceeds one
  1 19 hundred ninety calendar days, the payments shall be made only
  1 20 for one hundred ten calendar days for the first session and
  1 21 one hundred ninety calendar days for the second session.
  1 22 Members from Polk county shall receive sixty-five dollars per
  1 23 day.
  1 24    c.  Each member shall receive a two hundred dollar per
  1 25 month allowance for legislative district constituency postage,
  1 26 travel, telephone costs, and other expenses.
  1 27    d.  Travel expenses shall be paid at the rate established
  1 28 by section 18.117 for actual travel in going to and returning
  1 29 from the seat of government by the nearest traveled route for
  1 30 not more than one time per week during a legislative session.  
  1 31                           EXPLANATION
  1 32    This bill reduces the number of days of payment for the
  1 33 expenses of office for members of the general assembly during
  1 34 a regular legislative session.
  1 35    Under current law in Code section 2.10, subsection 1, such
  2  1 payment is limited to 110 calendar days during the first
  2  2 regular session in odd-numbered years and 100 calendar days
  2  3 during the second regular session in even-numbered years.  The
  2  4 bill reduces the limitation by 10 calendar days for each
  2  5 regular session.  In addition, the bill divides the subsection
  2  6 into lettered paragraphs.  
  2  7 LSB 5433XS 79
  2  8 jp/cls/14

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