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Senate File 434

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  1  2 The general assembly recognizes the importance of preserving
  1  3 the state's finite supply of agricultural land.  It is the
  1  4 intent of the general assembly and the policy of this state to
  1  5 provide for the orderly use and development of land and
  1  6 related natural resources in Iowa for residential, commercial,
  1  7 industrial, and recreational purposes.  It is further the
  1  8 intent of the general assembly to use state and local tax
  1  9 policy and other state policies as incentives to encourage
  1 10 smart and orderly growth in the state of Iowa.  It is further
  1 11 the policy of the state to discourage conversion of prime
  1 12 agricultural land to other uses while providing for a balance
  1 13 between legitimate public purposes and private property
  1 14 rights.
  1 15    If funds are appropriated for this purpose, Iowa state
  1 16 university shall conduct a study of land use policies in this
  1 17 state and in other states.  The study shall consider policies
  1 18 discouraging conversion of agricultural land, such as the
  1 19 limitation on the power of public agencies to impose special
  1 20 assessments on agricultural land, limitations on the ability
  1 21 to declare a farm or farm operation a nuisance, and imposition
  1 22 of a state regulatory scheme that is less restrictive on farms
  1 23 or farm operations.  The study shall also consider the
  1 24 feasibility and potential uses of the preparation of county
  1 25 land inventories under chapter 352 and the creation or
  1 26 expansion of agricultural areas under chapter 352.
  1 27    The study shall review Iowa's annexation laws, including
  1 28 city development board authority and requirements relating to
  1 29 annexation of land.  The study shall review Iowa's zoning laws
  1 30 and requirements relating to comprehensive plans.
  1 31    The study shall include a review of smart growth policies
  1 32 in other states.  The university shall identify the types of
  1 33 smart growth policies currently being used in this state and
  1 34 in others whose use in this state would be feasible and
  1 35 effective.  The university shall, in the study, give
  2  1 particular attention to smart growth policies which prohibit
  2  2 financial assistance to those cities and counties that are not
  2  3 adhering to a comprehensive or other strategic development
  2  4 plan.
  2  5    The study shall review current state and local tax
  2  6 assessments and incentives that encourage development and
  2  7 affect, directly or indirectly, the course of development in
  2  8 the state.  The university shall also study local government
  2  9 economic development programs and infrastructure finance
  2 10 programs and the effect of those programs on development.  The
  2 11 study shall give particular attention to finding a balance
  2 12 between state and local policies and taxation that require
  2 13 increased government regulation and those providing the
  2 14 private sector an incentive to act in a way that furthers
  2 15 state and local land use policies.
  2 16    Iowa state university may request from any state agency or
  2 17 official the information and assistance needed to perform the
  2 18 study.
  2 19    Iowa state university shall submit a final report and an
  2 20 executive summary of the final report to the general assembly
  2 21 no later than January 2, 2002.  The final report and executive
  2 22 summary shall contain suggested goals for the state regarding
  2 23 land use and recommendations for utilization of a smart growth
  2 24 policy.  
  2 25                           EXPLANATION
  2 26    This bill requires Iowa state university to conduct a study
  2 27 of land use policies if funds are appropriated for the study.
  2 28 The university is required to study current state and local
  2 29 tax incentives for development of land and related natural
  2 30 resources.  The university also is required to study policies
  2 31 in place in the state of Iowa which discourage conversion of
  2 32 agricultural land.  The study is required to consider the
  2 33 feasibility of preparation of county land use inventories and
  2 34 the creation or expansion of agricultural areas.
  2 35    The university is required to study Iowa's annexation laws
  3  1 and zoning laws.
  3  2    The study is also required to review smart growth policies
  3  3 in other states and those currently being used in the state of
  3  4 Iowa.  Smart growth policies which are to be focused upon
  3  5 include those that prohibit financial assistance to cities and
  3  6 counties that do not adhere to a comprehensive plan or other
  3  7 strategic development plan.
  3  8    The university is required to study whether current state
  3  9 and local tax incentives encourage or affect development.  The
  3 10 university is to study local government economic development
  3 11 programs and infrastructure finance programs and their effect
  3 12 on development.  The study shall give attention to government
  3 13 regulation and government incentives regarding land use
  3 14 polices.
  3 15    Iowa state university is required to submit a final report
  3 16 and executive summary to the general assembly no later than
  3 17 January 2, 2002.  The final report and executive summary of
  3 18 the final report shall contain suggested goals for the state
  3 19 regarding land use and recommendations for utilization of a
  3 20 smart growth policy.  
  3 21 LSB 3120SV 79
  3 22 sc/cls/14

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