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Senate File 105

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 18.75, subsection 8, Code 2001, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    8.  By November 1 of each year supply a report which
  1  4 contains the name, gender, county, or city of residence when
  1  5 possible, official title, salary received during the previous
  1  6 fiscal year, including the total monetary value of each public
  1  7 employee's compensation and benefits as required by section
  1  8 70A.1A, base salary as computed on July 1 of the current
  1  9 fiscal year, and traveling and subsistence expense of the
  1 10 personnel of each of the departments, boards, and commissions
  1 11 of the state government except personnel who receive an annual
  1 12 salary of less than one thousand dollars.  The number of the
  1 13 personnel and the total amount received by them shall be shown
  1 14 for each department in the report.  All employees who have
  1 15 drawn salaries, fees, or expense allowances from more than one
  1 16 department or subdivision shall be listed separately under the
  1 17 proper departmental heading.  On the request of the
  1 18 administrator, the head of each department, board, or
  1 19 commission shall furnish the data covering that agency.  The
  1 20 report shall be distributed upon request without charge to
  1 21 each caucus of the general assembly, the legislative service
  1 22 bureau, the legislative fiscal bureau, the chief clerk of the
  1 23 house of representatives, and the secretary of the senate.
  1 24 Copies of the report shall be made available to other persons
  1 25 in both print or electronic medium upon payment of a fee,
  1 26 which shall not exceed the cost of providing the copy of the
  1 27 report.  Sections 22.2 through 22.6 apply to the report.  All
  1 28 funds from the sale of the report shall be deposited in the
  1 29 general fund.  Requests for publications shall be handled only
  1 30 upon receipt of postage by the administrator.
  1 32 – VALUE.
  1 33    Personnel information concerning public employees shall
  1 34 include the total monetary value of each public employee's
  1 35 compensation and benefits including wages and salaries, and
  2  1 all employee benefits including, but not limited to, group
  2  2 medical, dental, life, and long-term disability insurance,
  2  3 workers' compensation, unemployment benefits, sick leave,
  2  4 deferred compensation, holidays and vacations, tuition
  2  5 reimbursement, and educational leaves.  "Public employee"
  2  6 means a state employee, legislative employee, or local
  2  7 employee as defined in section 68B.2.  
  2  8                           EXPLANATION
  2  9    This bill creates a new Code section 70A.1A which requires
  2 10 that personnel information concerning the compensation of
  2 11 public employees must include the total monetary value of each
  2 12 public employee's wages, salaries, and employee benefits.
  2 13    The bill also requires that the "salary book" published
  2 14 each year by the state printing administrator include
  2 15 personnel information regarding the total monetary value of
  2 16 compensation for the personnel of each of the departments,
  2 17 boards, and commissions of state government.  
  2 18 LSB 1864XS 79
  2 19 av/cls/14

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