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Senate File 100
... substance abuse by pregnant women by providing for civil commitment of certain chronic substance abusers. (Formerly SF 23.) ...
Senate File 101
...providing for the establishment and funding of a prekindergarten instruction program, and providing an effective date.
Senate File 102
... charitable gift annuities, by providing for notice and filing requirements and providing for penalties. (Formerly SSB 1054.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 103
...permitting cooperative associations to deal with nonmembers, to use fictitious names, and to issue memberships without charge; to permit electric cooperatives to have multiple classes of members; and ...
Senate File 104
... a study of the Iowa communications network as a school district instructional tool for students enrolled in kindergarten through grade twelve. (Formerly SF 39.) ...
Senate File 105
... personnel information regarding the value of public employees' compensation.
Senate File 106
... statutory corrections which may adjust language to reflect current practices, insert earlier omissions, delete redundancies and inaccuracies, delete temporary language, resolve inconsistencies and co ...
Senate File 107
...restricting the application of pesticides and fertilizers in cities and providing a penalty.
Senate File 108
... proper methods of chemical management, establishing the comprehensive safe chemical management in schools program, and making an appropriation.
Senate File 109
... confidentiality of ethics complaints during even-numbered years.
Senate File 110
... the boundaries of an enterprise zone under the enterprise zone program.
Senate File 111
...providing for additional local funding authority under the instructional support levy for school districts.
Senate File 112
...exempting certain county bridge construction projects and materials from contract bidding procedures.
Senate File 113
... the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes and establishing a marijuana therapeutic research program.
Senate File 114
... the composition of the medical assistance advisory council. (Formerly SSB 1023.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 115
... establishing the state percent of growth for purposes of the state school foundation program and providing an applicability date. (Formerly SSB 1097.) ...
Senate File 116
... the confidentiality of certain domestic abuse records. (See SF 241.) ...
Senate File 117
... sales of motor vehicles at auction and providing a penalty.
Senate File 118
... prisoner labor at county jails.
Senate File 119
... third-party payment of health care coverage costs for mental health conditions, including substance abuse treatment services.
Senate File 120 the county commissioner of elections authority to allow elections in certain cities to be conducted by mail ballots and providing penalties.
Senate File 121
... destruction of ballots not voted and providing for the Act's applicability.
Senate File 122
... determining the number of ballots to be delivered to polling places for primary and general elections.
Senate File 123
... absentee voting at the commissioner's office on election day in certain elections.
Senate File 124
...renaming the waste management assistance division of the department of natural resources. (Formerly SSB 1082.) ...
Senate File 125
... membership in an interstate wildlife violators compact by the department of natural resources. (Formerly SSB 1029.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 126
...permitting state banks to establish additional bank offices, and containing effective dates. (Formerly SSB 1009.) ...
Senate File 127
...certain criminal history and abuse record and registry access to the department of inspections and appeals for purposes of data verification and record checks of applicants for employment with the dep ...
Senate File 128
... the consideration of the historical performance of caretaking functions in the awarding of custody of a child.
Senate File 129
... a tax credit for pollution control and recycling property connected to property used for the care and feeding of livestock.
Senate File 130
...prohibiting operators from allowing persons under sixteen years of age to ride in an unenclosed area of a motor vehicle not intended for the seating of passengers and providing a penalty. (See SF 202.
Senate File 131
... coverage of neurobiological disorders and substance abuse treatment services for state employees.
Senate File 132
... third-party payment of health care coverage costs for children under the age of nineteen for treatment of neurobiological disorders and substance abuse.
Senate File 133
... a hunting license preference to real property owners.
Senate File 134
... voter registration signature requirements.
Senate File 135
... ballot print size.
Senate File 136
... third-party payment of health care coverage costs for biologically based mental illness treatment services.
Senate File 137
... third-party payment of health care coverage for neurobiological disorder treatment services, and providing for a study of third-party payment of substance abuse coverage.
Senate File 138
...extending veterans benefits, preferences, and tax exemptions to certain members of reserve forces of the United States and the Iowa national guard, and providing an effective date for property tax exe ...
Senate File 139
... a person eighteen years of age or older within the jurisdiction of the juvenile court. (Formerly SSB 1034.) ...
Senate File 140
...updating the Iowa Code references to the Internal Revenue Code, increasing the minimum filing income requirement for dependents, increasing the estimated tax payment standard for assessing a penalty f ...
Senate File 141
... the allocation of program job credits to program costs under the accelerated career education program and providing effective and retroactive applicability dates. (Formerly SSB 1077.) Effective 5-2-0 ...
Senate File 142
... collecting and disseminating information concerning motor vehicle stops.
Senate File 143
... presidential electors' compensation.
Senate File 144
... contracts for the construction or maintenance of highways to include certain provisions for the restoration of areas in which fill dirt or other materials are to be removed. (Formerly SF 18.) Effect ...
Senate File 145
... information to be included in termination of pregnancy reporting.
Senate File 146
... the tobacco master settlement agreement and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1103.) Effective 3-30-01.
Senate File 147
... the issuance of special motor vehicle registration plates to members of Iowa's congressional delegation and establishing a fee.
Senate File 148
...making interest on bonds and notes issued for school infrastructure purposes exempt from state income tax. (See SF 2306).
Senate File 149
...providing for ethanol blended gasoline and providing penalties. (Formerly SSB 1057.) ...
Senate File 150
... the imposition of an additional sentence of mandatory parole or work release for persons convicted of certain criminal offenses.
Senate File 151
... the state minimum hourly wage rate and the hourly wage paid by businesses applying for or receiving state financial assistance.
Senate File 152
... sales and possession of pistols and revolvers, by requiring a gun-locking device to be provided and related information to be posted in connection with the retail sale of a pistol or revolver.
Senate File 153
...extending the community college vocational-technical technology improvement program, and making an appropriation.
Senate File 154
...making a standing appropriation to the school budget review committee for transportation assistance aid to certain school districts.
Senate File 155
...making a supplemental appropriation, establishing a teacher compensation reform and student achievement savings account fund, and providing an effective date.
Senate File 156
... the issuance of a special fishing or combined fishing and hunting license to military veterans who are residents of this state and are sixty-five years of age or older.
Senate File 157
... the authority of a city to regulate the application of fertilizers and soil conditioners on residential property.
Senate File 158
... training programs for adult volunteers who work with adolescent youths in after school mentoring programs, and making an appropriation.
Senate File 159
...providing for a08 blood alcohol concentration limit for motor vehicle operating while intoxicated offenses. (See SF 2144).
Senate File 160
... the appointment of the executive director of the board of educational examiners.
Senate File 161
... an appropriation to the state board of regents for fiscal year 2000-2001, providing bonding authorization to the state board of regents for specific capital projects, and providing effective dates.
Senate File 162
... and making appropriations from the senior living trust fund to the department of elder affairs and the department of human services.
Senate File 163
...defining assault to include certain acts which are intended to place another in fear of imminent physical contact.
Senate File 164
... the administration and care of the Iowa battle flag collection. (Formerly SSB 1022.) ...
Senate File 165
...enacting the Iowa English language reaffirmation Act of 2001. Effective 7-1-02.
Senate File 165
... ...
Senate File 166
...creating the state strategic development council and providing an effective date.
Senate File 167
...the natural resource commission to allow wild turkey hunts by youths in state parks or parts of state parks.
Senate File 168
... the granting of additional cable television franchises by a city. (Formerly SF 47.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 169
...limiting the exemption from regulation of certain persons acting as an attorney in fact regarding certain real estate transactions. (Formerly SSB 1053.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 170
... training requirements for certain child laborers and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1120.) ...
Senate File 171
...establishing a school bond credit enhancement program.
Senate File 172
... advanced placement award programs and providing for the appropriation of moneys.
Senate File 173
... state and local land management and planning, and providing effective dates.
Senate File 174
... teacher licensing, including the qualifications for licensure, nontraditional practitioner preparation instruction programs, and the employment of an individual who possesses a conditional teaching l ...
Senate File 175
...establishing a grant process to provide school districts with resources to implement volunteer student mentoring pilot projects, making an appropriation, and providing emergency rulemaking authority.
Senate File 176
...providing for an increase in the community college equipment replacement and facilities levies.
Senate File 177
... healthy and safe families and communities in Iowa by providing for prevention of and response to acts of abuse, providing mental health and substance abuse treatment coverage benefits, modifying the ...
Senate File 178
... the contracting by a city of uniformed law enforcement services by the county sheriff.
Senate File 179
...providing for special late voter registration to enable an eligible elector to vote at the polling place on election day and providing a durational residency requirement for voting.
Senate File 180
... the property tax exemption for recycling property and including an applicability date.
Senate File 181
...providing for county mental health, mental retardation, and developmental disabilities allowable growth factor, and making an appropriation.
Senate File 182
... an individual income tax credit for the purchase of long-term care insurance and including a retroactive applicability date provision.
Senate File 183
...creating an agricultural education collaboration and enhancement support services program, and making an appropriation.
Senate File 184
... duties of the county sheriff by increasing the fees and expenses collected by the county sheriff for various services and the release of a garnishment. (Formerly SSB 1088.) Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 185
... the definition of factory-built structures, the relocation of factory-built structures, the certification of installers of manufactured homes, and providing a fee, an appropriation, and a civil penal ...
Senate File 186
...providing for a tax levy for the county hospital fund in certain counties and providing an effective date. (Formerly SSB 1075.) Effective 4-25-01.
Senate File 187
... child abuse reporting, classification, determination, and review procedures.
Senate File 188
... the use of a uniform prescription drug information card.
Senate File 189
... the distribution of tax revenues from the local option sales and services tax for school infrastructure purposes collected in a county and providing an effective date.
Senate File 190
... adoption of rules by state agencies pertaining to development, acquisition, or disposal of land.
Senate File 191
... the use of energy efficiency plan-related moneys to provide financial assistance to low-income customers of gas public utilities and providing an effective date.
Senate File 192
...establishing a primary election for certain candidates nominated for public office by petition.
Senate File 193
... ongoing absentee voter status for general elections.
Senate File 194
... redemption of empty beverage containers, creating a container redemption fund, a Robert D. Ray beautiful land fund, and a bottle bill scholarship fund, and providing an effective date. (See SF 510.) ...
Senate File 195
...creating new criminal offenses related to the drug 3,4-methylendioxymethamphetamine.
Senate File 196
... conflicts of interest of public officers and employees, including lobbyist and clients reports, and review of documents related to campaign finance disclosure reports. (Formerly SSB 1102.) ...
Senate File 197
...extending the community college vocational-technical technology improvement program, and making an appropriation. (Formerly SSB 1040.) ...
Senate File 198
... family investment program requirements regarding the time period allowed for supported postsecondary education assistance and including an applicability provision. Effective 7-1-01.
Senate File 199
... approved equity investments in qualifying businesses and providing tax credits.

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