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House File 410

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 8.23, unnumbered paragraph 1, Code
  1  2 2001, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    On or before October 1, prior to each legislative session,
  1  4 all departments and establishments of the government shall
  1  5 transmit to the director, on blanks to be furnished by the
  1  6 director, estimates of their expenditure requirements,
  1  7 including every proposed expenditure, for the ensuing fiscal
  1  8 year, classified so as to distinguish between expenditures
  1  9 estimated for administration, operation, and maintenance, and
  1 10 the cost of each project involving the purchase of land or the
  1 11 making of a public improvement or capital outlay of a
  1 12 permanent character, together with supporting data and
  1 13 explanations as called for by the director.  The budget
  1 14 estimates shall include for those agencies which pay for
  1 15 energy directly a line item for energy expenses itemized by
  1 16 type of energy and location.  The budget estimates shall
  1 17 include for those agencies which pay to another state agency
  1 18 fees, charges, or other remuneration a line item of these
  1 19 payments.
  1 20    PARAGRAPH DIVIDED.  The estimates of expenditure
  1 21 requirements shall be based upon seventy-five percent of the
  1 22 funding provided for the current fiscal year accounted for by
  1 23 program reduced by the historical employee vacancy factor in
  1 24 form specified by the director and the remainder of the
  1 25 estimate of expenditure requirements prioritized by program.
  1 26 The estimates shall be accompanied with performance measures
  1 27 for evaluating the effectiveness of the program.  If a
  1 28 department or establishment fails to submit estimates within
  1 29 the time specified, the legislative fiscal bureau shall use
  1 30 the amounts of the appropriations to the department or
  1 31 establishment for the fiscal year in process at the time the
  1 32 estimates are required to be submitted as the amounts for the
  1 33 department's or establishment's request in the documents
  1 34 submitted to the general assembly for the ensuing fiscal year
  1 35 and the governor shall cause estimates to be prepared for that
  2  1 department or establishment as in the governor's opinion are
  2  2 reasonable and proper.  The director shall furnish standard
  2  3 budget request forms to each department or agency of state
  2  4 government.
  2  5    Sec. 2.  Section 8.35A, Code 2001, is amended by adding the
  2  6 following new subsection:
  2  7    NEW SUBSECTION.  5.  A state agency which will receive
  2  8 fees, charges, or other remunerations from another state
  2  9 agency in the ensuing fiscal year shall include these amounts
  2 10 as part of its budget request.  These amounts shall be
  2 11 provided to the legislative fiscal bureau by November 15.  The
  2 12 legislative fiscal bureau shall use this data in the
  2 13 preparation of information for the legislative appropriation
  2 14 process.  
  2 15                           EXPLANATION
  2 16    This bill requires that state agencies, as part of their
  2 17 budget requests, include any fees, charges, or other
  2 18 remunerations to be received from other state agencies.  This
  2 19 information is to be provided by November 15 to the
  2 20 legislative fiscal bureau for use in the legislative
  2 21 appropriation process.  Likewise, state agencies that will pay
  2 22 these fees, charges, or other remunerations shall include them
  2 23 as part of their estimates of expenditure requirements.  
  2 24 LSB 2536YH 79
  2 25 mg/gg/8

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