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Senate Journal: Page 1460: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

  I am unable to approve section 19 in its entirety. This would expand the
  uses of the physical infrastructure fund to include program capital costs
  for the
  accelerated career education program.  Senate File 2453 already provides
  $5.3 million
  for accelerated career education program capital projects; the $2.5 million
  for the
  physical infrastructure assistance fund should be targeted toward community
  infrastructure improvement projects, such as, for example, child care
  facilities, that do
  not have an alternative funding source.

  I am unable to approve section 27 in its entirety. Subsection 1 would
  require the
  information technology services division of the department of general
  services to study
  the workforce investment one-stop program and submit a report by January 15,
  This issue has already received thorough study, and I believe that there are
  productive uses for the division and the department's time.  Subsection 2
  would require
  the department of workforce development to submit a written report by August
  2000 for a plan for financing the state's system of workforce development
  centers after
  the administrative contribution surcharge is repealed.  The short timeframe
  for the completion of the study will make it difficult for the department to
  address these issues as well as those involved in meeting their statutory
  under Iowa Code Chapter 8.23.

  For the above reasons, I hereby respectfully approve Senate File 2428 with
  exceptions noted above.


  May 13, 2000

  The Honorable Chester Culver
  Secretary of State
  State Capitol
  L O C A L

  Dear Mr. Secretary:

  I hereby transmit Senate File 2433, an act relating to state government
  and operations, by making and relating to appropriations to the Iowa
  Network for the support of certain Part III users, making appropriations to
  entities for other technology-related purposes, providing for the
  procurement of
  information technology, providing for the use of the network, and providing
  an effective

  Senate File 2433 is a bill I will approve reluctantly, as it contains a
  number of
  useful provisions which will begin to upgrade and modernize technology
  operations in
  state government, but falls far short of meeting the identified needs.  If
  we are to truly
  run our state government "like a business," the legislature must do much
  better, in the
  future, to provide an adequate, dedicated funding stream for technology
  projects, just
  as many businesses do.  In this electronic day and age, as we are attempting
  to manage
  the large enterprise of state government and provide easier, round the clock
  access to
  government services to all Iowans, we must have adequate resources to
  technology.  This bill provides needed operational funding for information

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