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Senate Journal: Page 1459: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

  For this reason, I hereby respectfully disapprove Senate File 2427.



  May 18, 2000

  The Honorable Chester Culver
  Secretary of State
  State Capitol
  L O C A L

  Dear Mr. Secretary:

  I hereby transmit Senate File 2428, an act appropriating funds to the
  of economic development, certain board of regents institutions, the
  department of
  workforce development, the public employment relations board, making related
  statutory changes, and providing an effective date.

  Economic development touches all Iowans, and I am pleased that this bill
  seeks to
  provide additional opportunities throughout our state.  It is notable that
  initiatives the Lieutenant Governor and I developed to create more Iowans,
  Iowans, and better paid Iowans are contained within this bill.  Our state
  will benefit
  from additional worker training opportunities at community colleges through
  the ACE
  program, assistance to businesses that provide new employment opportunities
  Iowans with disabilities and minority population, additional immigration
  services, and
  worker safety.  These are quality of life issues that better our state and
  make it more
  attractive to those looking for a place to live and work.

  Senate File 2428 is, therefore, approved on this date with the following
  which I hereby disapprove.

  I am unable to approve section 1, subsection 2a, unnumbered paragraph 3.
  would require the department of economic development and the small business
  development centers develop a written report on services provided by each
  and identify
  the distinct services to be provided by the department and the small
  development centers and recommend actions that would eliminate any
  duplication of
  services.  The department and the small business development centers
  undertook this
  exercise prior to the last legislative session.  It would be more
  appropriate for them to
  continue working on resolving issues under consideration from that report
  than to
  restart the process from the beginning.

  I am unable to approve the designated portion of section 12, subsection 5,
  unnumbered paragraph 2. This prevents the department of workforce
  from allocating additional penalty and interest revenues prior to January
  30, 2001.  In
  the past, the department has had the flexibility to identify projects or
  target areas that
  would receive funding and report these expenditures to the legislature.  The
  contained in this bill is unduly prescriptive, usurps normal executive
  branch functions,
  and could hamper administration of the fund.

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