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House Journal: Page 1942: Wednesday, April 26, 2000

Also: That on April 26, 2000, he approved and transmitted to the
Secretary of State the following bills:

House File 2317, an act relating to entities and subject matter under the regulatory
authority of the insurance division, including motor vehicle service contracts,
securities, business opportunities, residential service contracts, retirement care
contracts, transfer on death probate provisions, viatical settlement contracts; and
establishing penalties and making penalties applicable.

House File 2429, an act relating to the publication and recordkeeping duties of
county officers by providing for the maintenance of permanent records by electronic
means and the determination of publication rates.

House File 2513, an act providing for secured transactions under the uniform
commercial code, by Adopting new Article 9, eliminating conflicting provisions, and
providing an effective date.

House File 2518, an act relating to probate and trust law, including certain
notification provisions, certain distributions to minors, the effect of dissolution of
marriage on will provisions, powers of attorney, and making certain amendments to
the Iowa trust code.

Senate File 421, an act to extend the jurisdiction of the juvenile court to include
adoption and termination of parental rights proceedings.

Senate File 2424, an act updating the Iowa Code references to the Internal Revenue
Code, amending the earned income credit, amending requirements for nonresident
taxpayers, providing tax benefits to military personnel in hazardous duty areas, and
providing effective and retroactive applicability dates.


The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present in
the House chamber:

Twenty-five fifth grade students from Whittier Elementary School,
Oskaloosa, accompanied by Donna DeGroot. By Van Engelenhoven of


The following communications were received and filed in the office
of the Chief Clerk:


The Fiscal Year 1999 Annual Report, pursuant to Chapter 303, Code of Iowa.

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