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16   following:

17     "Sec. ___. NEW SECTION.  161C.7  WATERSHED
19     1.  The department of agriculture and land
20   stewardship shall initiate and coordinate the
21   establishment of a watershed protection task force and
22   provide staffing assistance to the task force.  It is
23   the intent of the general assembly that the task force
24   include representatives of the department of
25   agriculture and land stewardship, the department of
26   natural resources, the emergency management division
27   of the department of public defense, county
28   conservation boards, soil and water conservation
29   districts, and any other appropriate stakeholders.
30   The task force shall study the condition of watershed
31   protection in the state and provide recommendations to
32   the department of agriculture and land stewardship
33   regarding soil conservation, water quality protection,
34   flood control, and other natural resource conservation
35   issues.  The task force shall submit recommendations
36   to the department by January 1 of each year through
37   January 1, 2001.
38     2.  The department of agriculture and land
39   stewardship shall implement and administer a watershed
40   protection program.  The department of agriculture and
41   land stewardship, in consultation with the department
42   of natural resources, shall annually establish a
43   prioritized list of watersheds that are of the highest
44   importance to the state's water quality.  The
45   watershed protection program shall, to the extent
46   practical, target for assistance those watersheds on
47   the prioritized list.  A soil and water conservation
48   district, in cooperation with state agencies, local
49   units of government, and private organizations, may
50   submit an application for assistance to the department
Page 6
 1   which provides a strategy for protecting soil, water
 2   quality, and other natural resources, and improving
 3   flood control in the watershed.  Upon approval of an
 4   application, the department may provide a grant to the
 5   soil and water conservation district for purposes of
 6   carrying out the strategy provided in the application.
 7     3.  A watershed protection account is created
 8   within the water protection fund created in section
 9   161C.4.  Moneys credited to the account shall be
10   distributed under the watershed protection program.
11     4.  Administrative rules used for water quality
12   protection projects under the water protection fund
13   shall be used to administer the watershed protection
14   program."

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