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45   program at another attendance center within the school

46   district and shall annually certify to the department
47   that the plan meets the following criteria:
48     (1)  Provides safe travel routes to and from the
49   alternative breakfast site for all eligible students.
50     (2)  Minimizes student travel time between the
Page 2  
 1   student's attendance center and the alternative
 2   breakfast site.
 3     (3)  Provides for a reasonable relationship between
 4   the time breakfast is offered, the time the student is
 5   required to arrive at the attendance center and
 6   alternative site, and the daily school start time.
 7     (4)  Provides an alternative breakfast site
 8   facility adequate for the number of students
 9   participating in the breakfast program.
10     c.  The board of directors of a school district
11   that wishes to provide access to a school breakfast
12   program in accordance with paragraph "b", shall notify
13   the parent, guardian, or legal or actual custodian of
14   a child enrolled in the district of the school
15   district's intention to develop and implement a plan
16   to provide school breakfast programs only in certain
17   attendance centers.  At any time in which the school
18   district proposes to make substantive changes to a
19   plan certified with the department of education, the
20   notification requirements of this paragraph shall
21   apply."
22     6.  By striking page 5, line 25, through page 6,
23   line 15.
24     7.  Title page, by striking lines 1 through 4 and
25   inserting the following:  "An Act relating to school
26   breakfast programming."
27     8.  By renumbering as necessary.
The motion prevailed and the House concurred in the Senate 
amendment H-1802.
Nelson of Marshall moved that the bill, as amended by the Senate 
and concurred in by the House, be read a last time now and placed 
upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill was read a last 
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (H.F. 675)

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