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House Journal: Page 1656: Monday, April 26, 1999

providing effective dates, amended by the House, further amended 

by the Senate and moved that the House concur in the following 
Senate amendment H-1803 to the House amendment:
 1     Amend the House amendment, S-3463, to Senate File
 2   464, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the Senate,
 3   as follows:
 4     1.  Page 8, line 26, by inserting after the figure
 5   "256.44" the following:  ", if 1999 Iowa Acts, House
 6   File 766, is enacted."
 7     2.  Page 9, lines 33 and 34, by striking the words
 8   and figures ", if enacted by 1999 Iowa Acts, Senate
 9   File 232".
10     3.  Page 11, line 17, by striking the figure
11   "675,000" and inserting the following:  "735,000".
12     4.  Page 11, line 43, by striking the figure
13   "60,000" and inserting the following:  "120,000".
14     5.  Page 23, by inserting after line 7 the
15   following:
16     "Sec. ___. NEW SECTION.  256E.1  DEFINITIONS.
17     As used in this chapter, unless the context
18   otherwise requires:
19     1.  "Beginning teacher" means an individual serving
20   under an initial provisional or conditional license,
21   issued by the board of educational examiners under
22   chapter 272, who is assuming a position as a classroom
23   teacher.
24     2.  "Board" means the board of directors of a
25   school district or a collaboration of boards of
26   directors of school districts.
27     3.  "Classroom teacher" means an individual who
28   holds a valid practitioner's license and who is
29   employed under a teaching contract with a school
30   district or area education agency in this state to
31   provide classroom instruction to students.
32     4.  "Department" means the department of education.
33     5.  "Director" means the director of the department
34   of education.
35     6.  "District facilitator" means a licensed
36   professional pursuant to chapter 272 who is appointed
37   by a board to serve as the liaison between the board
38   and the department for the beginning teacher induction
39   program.
40     7.  "Mentor" means an individual employed by a
41   school district or area education agency as a
42   classroom teacher who holds a valid license to teach
43   issued under chapter 272.  The individual must have a
44   record of four years of successful teaching practice,
45   must be employed as a classroom teacher on a

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