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33   providing assistance to refugees, but shall not

34   duplicate services to refugees.  The department may
35   contract with a nonprofit agency for the
36   administration and operation of a center.
37     c.  The department shall allocate funding among the
38   service delivery areas defined in section 84B.2 in
39   proportion to the number of legal immigrants and
40   foreign nationals in each service delivery area who
41   have not resided in Iowa for more than five years as
42   compared to the total number of legal immigrants and
43   foreign nationals in the state as a whole who have not
44   resided in Iowa for more than five years.  The
45   department may reallocate funds which remain
46   unobligated as of March 1 of the fiscal year, based
47   upon demand.  The department may use any relevant
48   source of information to determine the number of legal
49   immigrants and foreign nationals in the service
50   delivery areas and in the state.
Page 2  
 1     3.  A center's services and activities to persons
 2   who are legal immigrants or foreign nationals shall
 3   include but are not limited to all of the following:
 4     a.  Providing such persons with the name, address,
 5   and telephone number of all providers of appropriate
 6   English language instruction in the area.  The center
 7   may also directly or indirectly provide English
 8   language instruction.
 9     b.  Providing information and assistance concerning
10   current immigration trends and laws.
11     c.  Acting as a referral center to connect such
12   persons with appropriate support agencies and
13   programs.  Services and programs may include but are
14   not limited to any of the following:
15     (1)  Legal aid.
16     (2)  Client outreach information and referral.
17     (3)  Employment assistance in cooperation with
18   workforce development centers.  This assistance may
19   include training center staff to assist legal
20   immigrants and foreign nationals in understanding
21   social and cultural mores, etiquette, business
22   practices, health care services, and other fundamental
23   information for living in Iowa.
24     (4)  Liaison services with the United States
25   immigration and naturalization service and
26   congressional offices.
27     (5)  Language translation of brochures and other
28   information directly relating to programs and services
29   for legal immigrants and foreign nationals that are
30   distributed by public and private agencies.
31     d.  Serving as an educational resource to employers

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