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 4     "Sec. 100. NEW SECTION.  237A.24  CHILD CARE

 6     1.  The departments of education, health, and human
 7   services shall jointly establish a leadership council
 8   for child care training and development in this state.
 9   In addition to representatives of the three
10   departments, the leadership council shall include but
11   is not limited to representatives of community
12   colleges, institutions of higher learning under the
13   state board of regents and private institutions of
14   higher education, the Iowa cooperative extension
15   service in agriculture and home economics, and child
16   care resource and referral service agencies.
17     2.  The charge of the council is to develop a
18   proposal for a statewide child care training and
19   development system and to monitor implementation of
20   the proposal.  The purpose of the system is to improve
21   support for persons providing or administering child
22   care services.  The system shall be developed in a
23   manner so as to incorporate and enhance existing
24   efforts to provide this support.
25     3.  The proposal for the child care training and
26   development system shall include all of the following
27   elements:
28     a.  Identification of core competencies for
29   providers and administrators that may be incorporated
30   into professional standards.
31     b.  Establishing levels for professional
32   development.
33     c.  Implementing a professional experience registry
34   to track the training, educational attainment, and
35   experience of providers and administrators.
36     d.  Implementing a unified training and technical
37   assistance approach for identifying needs, ensuring
38   equal access, and establishing minimum requirements
39   for training and trainers.
40     e.  Establishing an articulation process to permit
41   recognition of training provided by entities that do
42   not grant academic credit by entities that do grant
43   academic credit.
44     f.  Implementing a financing structure to support
45   the training registry.
46     g.  Identifying other means for enhancing the
47   training and development of persons who provide and
48   administer child care.
49     4.  The proposal shall include an implementation
50   plan and budget provisions and may provide for
Page 2  
 1   implementation through a contract with a private
 2   nonprofit agency."

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