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House Journal: Page 1125: Wednesday, April 7, 1999

21   or experience relating to specific programming to best

22   intervene with youth at risk of being found delinquent
23   or determined to be a child in need of assistance."
24     18.  Page 36, line 17, by striking the word "at"
25   and inserting the following:  "with an average cost
26   of".
27     19.  Page 45, line 25, by inserting after the word
28   "training," the following:  "supported community
29   services,".
30     20.  By striking page 52, line 34, through page
31   53, line 2, and inserting the following:
32     "5.  For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1999,
33   through September 30, 1999, the maximum reimbursement
34   rates for adoption and independent living services
35   shall remain at rates in effect at the close of the
36   previous fiscal year.  Beginning on October 1, 1999,
37   such rates shall be increased by 2 percent over the
38   rates in effect on September 30, 1999.  The maximum
39   reimbursement rates for".
40     21.  Page 54, line 2, by striking the word "The"
41   and inserting the following:  "For the period of July
42   1, 1999, through September 30, 1999, the maximum
43   reimbursement rate shall continue to be $78.14.
44   Effective October 1, 1999, the".
45     22.  Page 61, by inserting after line 33 the
46   following:
47                        "DIVISION 
48                           HAWK-I
49     Sec.     . NEW SECTION.  514I.11  HAWK-I TRUST
50   FUND.
Page 3
 1     1.  A HAWK-I trust fund is created in the state
 2   treasury under the authority of the department of
 3   human services, in which all appropriations and other
 4   revenues of the program such as grants, contributions,
 5   and participant payments shall be deposited and used
 6   for the purposes of the program.  The moneys in the
 7   fund shall not be considered revenue of the state, but
 8   rather shall be funds of the program.
 9     2.  The trust fund shall be separate from the
10   general fund of the state and shall not be considered
11   part of the general fund of the state.  The moneys in
12   the trust fund are not subject to section 8.33 and
13   shall not be transferred, used, obligated,
14   appropriated, or otherwise encumbered, except to
15   provide for the purposes of this chapter.
16   Notwithstanding section 12C.7, subsection 2, interest
17   or earnings on moneys deposited in the trust fund
18   shall be credited to the trust fund."
19     23.  Page 62, by inserting after line 3 the

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