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Senate File 2133

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 321.20, subsection 1, Code Supplement
  1  2 1999, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    1.  The name; social security number or, if the owner or
  1  4 lessee does not have a social security number but has a
  1  5 passport, the passport number; driver's license number,
  1  6 whether the license was issued by this state, another state,
  1  7 another country, or is an international driver's license; date
  1  8 of birth; bona fide residence; and mailing address of the
  1  9 owner and of the lessee if the vehicle is leased.  If the
  1 10 owner is a firm, association, or corporation, the application
  1 11 shall contain the business address and federal employer
  1 12 identification number of the owner.
  1 13    Sec. 2.  Section 321.24, unnumbered paragraphs 1 and 3,
  1 14 Code Supplement 1999, are amended to read as follows:
  1 15    Upon receipt of the application for title and payment of
  1 16 the required fees for a motor vehicle, trailer, or
  1 17 semitrailer, the county treasurer or the department shall,
  1 18 when satisfied as to the application's genuineness and
  1 19 regularity, and, in the case of a mobile home or manufactured
  1 20 housing, that taxes are not owing under chapter 435, issue a
  1 21 certificate of title and, except for a mobile home or
  1 22 manufactured housing, a registration receipt, and shall file
  1 23 the application, the manufacturer's or importer's certificate,
  1 24 the certificate of title, or other evidence of ownership, as
  1 25 prescribed by the department.  The registration receipt shall
  1 26 be delivered to the owner and shall contain upon its face the
  1 27 date issued, the name and address of the owner, the name and
  1 28 address of any lessee of the vehicle, the registration number
  1 29 assigned to the vehicle, the title number assigned to the
  1 30 owner of the vehicle, the amount of the fee paid, the amount
  1 31 of tax paid pursuant to section 423.7, the type of fuel used,
  1 32 and a description of the vehicle as determined by the
  1 33 department, and upon the reverse side a form for notice of
  1 34 transfer of the vehicle.
  1 35    The certificate of title shall contain upon its face the
  2  1 identical information required upon the face of the
  2  2 registration receipt except the name and address of any lessee
  2  3 of the vehicle.  In addition, the certificate of title shall
  2  4 contain a statement of the owner's title, the amount of tax
  2  5 paid pursuant to section 423.7, the name and address of the
  2  6 previous owner, and a statement of all security interests and
  2  7 encumbrances as shown in the application, upon the vehicle
  2  8 described, including the nature of the security interest, date
  2  9 of notation, and name and address of the secured party.
  2 10    Sec. 3.  Section 321.31, subsection 1, unnumbered paragraph
  2 11 1, Code 1999, is amended to read as follows:
  2 12    The department shall install and maintain a records system
  2 13 which shall contain the name and address of the vehicle owner
  2 14 and of any lessee of the vehicle, current and previous
  2 15 registration number, vehicle identification number, make,
  2 16 model, style, date of purchase, registration certificate
  2 17 number, maximum gross weight, weight, list price or value of
  2 18 the vehicle as fixed by the department, fees paid and date of
  2 19 payment. The records system shall also contain a record of the
  2 20 certificate of title including such information as the
  2 21 department deems necessary. The information to be kept in the
  2 22 records system shall be entered within forty-eight hours after
  2 23 receipt insofar as is practical. The records system shall
  2 24 constitute the permanent record of ownership of each vehicle
  2 25 titled under the laws of this state.
  2 26    Sec. 4.  Section 321.41, unnumbered paragraphs 1 and 2,
  2 27 Code 1999, are amended to read as follows:
  2 28    Whenever any If a person after making application who
  2 29 applied for or obtaining the obtained registration of for a
  2 30 vehicle shall move, or a person who leases the vehicle, moves
  2 31 from the address named in the application or shown upon a
  2 32 registration card such the person shall within ten days
  2 33 thereafter notify the county treasurer of the county in which
  2 34 the registration of said the vehicle is of record, in writing
  2 35 of the person's old and new addresses.
  3  1    Whenever the name of any If a person who has made
  3  2 application applied for or obtained the registration of for a
  3  3 vehicle is thereafter legally changed such, or a person who
  3  4 leases the vehicle, subsequently legally changes the person's
  3  5 name, the person shall within ten days notify the county
  3  6 treasurer of the county in which the title of said the vehicle
  3  7 is of record, of such the person's former and new name.  
  3  8                           EXPLANATION
  3  9    This bill makes several Code changes relating to the
  3 10 registration of leased vehicles.
  3 11    Code section 321.20, relating to applications for vehicle
  3 12 registration and certificate of title for vehicles, is amended
  3 13 to require an application to include identifying information
  3 14 such as the name, driver's license number, and address of the
  3 15 lessee of a leased vehicle.  Currently, such information is
  3 16 only required in regard to the owner of the vehicle.
  3 17    The bill also amends Code section 321.24, providing for the
  3 18 issuance of registration and certificate of title, to require
  3 19 the registration receipt for a vehicle to include the name and
  3 20 address of any lessee of the vehicle.  This information is not
  3 21 to be included on the certificate of title.  Currently, only
  3 22 the name and address of the owner of the vehicle are required
  3 23 to be included on the registration receipt.
  3 24    A provision in Code section 321.31, relating to the state
  3 25 records system maintained by the state department of
  3 26 transportation, is amended to require the department to
  3 27 include the names and addresses of lessees of vehicles within
  3 28 the records maintained by the department.
  3 29    Two provisions in Code section 321.41 requiring a person
  3 30 who has applied for or obtained registration for a vehicle to
  3 31 notify the county treasurer of the county in which the vehicle
  3 32 is registered when the person's address has changed or the
  3 33 person's name has been legally changed are amended to require
  3 34 such notification by the lessee of a registered vehicle when
  3 35 the lessee's address or name is changed.  A violation of
  4  1 either of these requirements is a simple misdemeanor under
  4  2 Code section 321.482.  
  4  3 LSB 5695SS 78
  4  4 nh/as/5

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