321.20  Application for registration and certificate of title.

Except as provided in this chapter, an owner of a vehicle subject to registration shall make application to the county treasurer, of the county of the owner's residence, or if a nonresident to the county treasurer of the county where the primary users of the vehicle are located, or if a lessor of the vehicle pursuant to chapter 321F which vehicle has a gross vehicle weight of less than ten thousand pounds, to the county treasurer of the county of the lessee's residence, for the registration and issuance of a certificate of title for the vehicle upon the appropriate form furnished by the department. However, upon the transfer of ownership, the owner of a vehicle subject to the proportional registration provisions of chapter 326 shall make application for registration and issuance of a certificate of title to either the department or the appropriate county treasurer. The application shall be accompanied by a fee of ten dollars, and shall bear the owner's signature written with pen and ink. A nonresident owner of two or more vehicles subject to registration may make application for registration and issuance of a certificate of title for all vehicles subject to registration to the county treasurer of the county where the primary user of any of the vehicles is located. The owner of a mobile home or of manufactured housing shall make application for a certificate of title under this section. The application shall contain:

1.  The name; social security number or, if the owner does not have a social security number but has a passport, the passport number; driver's license number, whether the license was issued by this state, another state, another country, or is an international driver's license; date of birth; bona fide residence; and mailing address of the owner. If the owner is a firm, association, or corporation, the application shall contain the business address and federal employer identification number of the owner.

2.  A description of the vehicle including, insofar as the hereinafter specified data may exist with respect to a given vehicle, the make, model, type of body, the number of cylinders, the type of motor fuel used, the serial number of the vehicle, manufacturer's identification number, the engine or other number of the vehicle and whether new or used and if a new vehicle the date of sale by the manufacturer or dealer to the person intending to operate such vehicle.

3.  Such further information as may reasonably be required by the department.

4.  A statement of the applicant's title and of all liens or encumbrances upon said vehicle and the names and addresses of all persons having any interest therein and the nature of every such interest. When such application refers to a new vehicle, it shall be accompanied by a manufacturer's or importer's certificate duly assigned as provided in section 321.45.

5.  The amount of tax to be paid under section 423.7.

Notwithstanding contrary provisions of this chapter or chapter 326 regarding titling and registration by means other than electronic means, the department may develop and implement a program to test the feasibility of electronic applications, titling, registering, and electronic funds transfer for vehicles traveling in interstate commerce in order to improve the efficiency and timeliness of the processes and to reduce costs for all parties involved.

Section History: Early form

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Section History: Recent form

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Internal References

  Referred to in § 321.29, 321.52A, 331.557, 435.27, 554.9302


  Surcharge imposed; § 321.52A

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