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Senate File 214

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  1  1    Section 1.  FINDINGS.  The general assembly finds that due
  1  2 to an inadequate number of department of natural resources'
  1  3 forestry staff, an extensive backlog of requests for forester
  1  4 assistance exists; that a substantial number of unfunded
  1  5 timber management cost share project requests have been made;
  1  6 that an inadequate amount of timber stand improvement has been
  1  7 completed; that current woodland owners exhibit a general lack
  1  8 of timber management education; that turnover of woodland
  1  9 owners will significantly increase in the next twenty years;
  1 10 that managed timberland in Iowa could produce three times more
  1 11 volume in half the time with improved information and
  1 12 education; and that due to the long time frame for timber
  1 13 development, many landowners are unable to invest abundant
  1 14 personal finances in timber development.
  1 15    Sec. 2.  Section 456A.20, Code 1999, is amended to read as
  1 16 follows:
  1 18    1.  All funds appropriated to the department which are used
  1 19 in growing or handling nursery stock shall be used for growing
  1 20 or handling of the stock for distribution only on state-owned
  1 21 lands.  However, the department may produce and sell at
  1 22 private sale game cover packets and trees for erosion control,
  1 23 may produce trees for a demonstration windbreak in each
  1 24 township in the state, and may dispose of growing trees under
  1 25 a departmental plan of distribution.
  1 26    2.  For trees or shrubs sold pursuant to this section, the
  1 27 department shall use five cents for every coniferous tree sold
  1 28 and ten cents for every hardwood tree and shrub sold for the
  1 29 purpose described in section 456A.38, subsection 1.
  1 30    Sec. 3.  NEW SECTION.  456A.38  FORESTRY.
  1 31    1.  Moneys collected pursuant to section 456A.20,
  1 32 subsection 2, are appropriated to the department to provide
  1 33 for the salaries and support of five forestry technicians
  1 34 within the forests and forestry division of the department of
  1 35 natural resources.
  2  1    2.  Notwithstanding section 8.33, moneys appropriated in
  2  2 this section which remain unexpended or unobligated at the end
  2  3 of each fiscal year shall not revert to the general fund of
  2  4 the state but shall remain available for expenditure for the
  2  5 same purposes in the succeeding fiscal year.  
  2  6                           EXPLANATION
  2  7    This bill relates to forestry resource support.  The bill
  2  8 makes a number of findings relating to the current status of
  2  9 forestry and forestry services and resource support in the
  2 10 state.  The bill requires that a portion of the sale price of
  2 11 trees and shrubs in the state nursery stock be appropriated to
  2 12 the department for the support of five forestry technicians.
  2 13 Moneys which remain unexpended or unobligated on June 30 of
  2 14 each fiscal year shall not revert and shall remain available
  2 15 for expenditure for the same purposes in the succeeding fiscal
  2 16 year.  
  2 17 LSB 2174SV 78
  2 18 tm/cf/24.1

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