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  1  3    1.  For the purposes of this section, "eligible student"
  1  4 means an individual who was subject to a court order under
  1  5 chapter 232 transferring the custody of the individual to the
  1  6 department of human services as a child in need of assistance
  1  7 or terminating the individual's parental rights and who was in
  1  8 a foster care or another out-of-home placement for a period of
  1  9 six months or longer at any time between the individual's
  1 10 fourteenth and eighteenth birthday.  An eligible student must
  1 11 have graduated from high school or received the equivalent of
  1 12 a high school diploma.  An eligible student must be qualified
  1 13 for acceptance for enrollment in an undergraduate course of
  1 14 study at a community college as defined in section 260C.2, an
  1 15 institution of higher learning under the control of the state
  1 16 board of regents, or an accredited private institution as
  1 17 defined in chapter 261 on or before the third anniversary of
  1 18 the date the student was discharged from foster care,
  1 19 graduated from high school, or received the equivalent of a
  1 20 high school diploma.
  1 21    2.  The college student aid commission shall study policy
  1 22 considerations and costs associated with expanding the
  1 23 commission's current assistance to youth who are in a foster
  1 24 care placement and with exempting eligible students from
  1 25 payment of undergraduate tuition and mandatory fees at any of
  1 26 the educational institutions listed in subsection 1.  The
  1 27 commission shall also consider options for providing
  1 28 undergraduate opportunities for eligible students, including
  1 29 incentives for foster parents who continue to support eligible
  1 30 students after the students become adults.  The commission
  1 31 shall consult with the departments of education and human
  1 32 services, representatives of the listed educational
  1 33 institutions, and other persons who are knowledgeable
  1 34 concerning eligible students, their educational needs, their
  1 35 special needs, and their financial means.  The commission
  2  1 shall submit a report of the study to the governor and general
  2  2 assembly on or before December 15, 2000.  The report shall
  2  3 include projections on numbers of students who may be
  2  4 eligible, special forms of support necessary for eligible
  2  5 students to achieve academic success, options for implementing
  2  6 the payment exemption which may include various forms of
  2  7 financial assistance, cost projections for the options, and
  2  8 findings and recommendations for implementation of the
  2  9 options.  
  2 10 HF 2430
  2 11 jp/jg/25

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