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House File 2167

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 357C.7, Code 1999, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  4 TRUSTEES.
  1  5    When a preliminary plat has been approved by the board of
  1  6 supervisors, an election shall be held within the district
  1  7 within sixty days to approve or disapprove the levy of a tax
  1  8 of not more than fifty-four eighty-five cents per thousand
  1  9 dollars of assessed value on all the taxable property within
  1 10 the district, and to choose candidates for the offices of
  1 11 trustees of the district.  Notice of the election, including
  1 12 the time and place of holding the same election, shall be
  1 13 given in the same manner as for the original public hearing as
  1 14 provided herein in section 357C.3.  The vote shall be by
  1 15 ballot which shall state clearly the proposition to be voted
  1 16 upon, and any registered voter residing within the district at
  1 17 the time of the election shall be entitled to vote.  It shall
  1 18 not be mandatory for the county commissioner of elections to
  1 19 conduct elections held pursuant to this chapter, but they
  1 20 shall be conducted in accordance with the provisions of
  1 21 chapter 49 where not in conflict with this chapter.  Judges
  1 22 shall be appointed to serve without pay by the board of
  1 23 supervisors from among the registered voters of the district
  1 24 who will have charge of the election.  The proposition shall
  1 25 be deemed to have carried if sixty percent of those voting
  1 26 thereon on the proposition vote in favor of same the
  1 27 proposition.
  1 28    Sec. 2.  Section 357C.9, Code 1999, is amended to read as
  1 29 follows:
  1 30    357C.9  TRUSTEES' POWERS.
  1 31    The trustees may purchase street lighting service and
  1 32 facilities and may levy an annual tax not to exceed fifty-four
  1 33 eighty-five cents per thousand dollars of assessed value for
  1 34 the purpose of exercising the powers granted in this chapter.
  1 35 This levy shall be optional with the trustees, but no levy
  2  1 shall be made unless first approved by the voters as provided
  2  2 herein in section 357C.7.  The trustees may purchase material,
  2  3 employ labor, and may perform all other acts necessary to
  2  4 properly maintain and operate the benefited street lighting
  2  5 district.  The trustees shall be allowed necessary expenses in
  2  6 the discharge of the duties, but shall not receive any salary.
  2  7    Sec. 3.  Section 357C.11, Code 1999, is amended to read as
  2  8 follows:
  2 10    Upon petition of thirty-five percent of the resident
  2 11 eligible electors, the board of supervisors may dissolve a
  2 12 benefited street lighting district and dispose of any
  2 13 remaining property, proceeds of which shall first be applied
  2 14 against outstanding obligations and any balance shall be
  2 15 applied to tax credit of property owners of the district.
  2 16 However, if the district is annexed, the board of supervisors
  2 17 may transfer the remaining property and balance to the city
  2 18 which annexed the district.  The board of supervisors shall
  2 19 continue to levy tax after dissolution of a district, of not
  2 20 to exceed fifty-four eighty-five cents per thousand dollars of
  2 21 assessed value on all the taxable property of the district,
  2 22 until all outstanding obligations of the district are paid.  
  2 23                           EXPLANATION
  2 24    This bill provides for an increase in the maximum annual
  2 25 property tax levy for a benefited street lighting district
  2 26 from $.54 per $1,000 to $.85 per $1,000 of assessed value of
  2 27 all taxable property in a district.  
  2 28 LSB 6276YH 78
  2 29 tj/cf/24.1

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