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House File 2056

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Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 96.7, subsection 2, paragraph d,
  1  2 unnumbered paragraph 4, Code Supplement 1999, is amended to
  1  3 read as follows:
  1  4    Each employer qualified for an experience rating shall be
  1  5 assigned a contribution rate for each rate year that
  1  6 corresponds to the employer's benefit ratio rank in the
  1  7 contribution rate table effective for the rate year from the
  1  8 following contribution rate tables.  Each employer's benefit
  1  9 ratio rank shall be computed by listing all the employers by
  1 10 increasing benefit ratios, from the lowest benefit ratio to
  1 11 the highest benefit ratio and grouping the employers so listed
  1 12 into twenty-one separate ranks containing as nearly as
  1 13 possible four and seventy-six hundredths percent of the total
  1 14 taxable wages, excluding reimbursable employment wages, paid
  1 15 in covered employment during the four completed calendar
  1 16 quarters immediately preceding the computation date.  If an
  1 17 employer's taxable wages qualify the employer for two separate
  1 18 benefit ratio ranks the employer shall be afforded the benefit
  1 19 ratio rank assigned the lower contribution rate.  Employers
  1 20 with identical benefit ratios shall be assigned to the same
  1 21 benefit ratio rank.  However, the contribution rate applicable
  1 22 to an employer with five or fewer employees shall be
  1 23 determined by applying the applicable benefit ratio rank for
  1 24 that employer to contribution rate table eight.  
  1 25                           EXPLANATION
  1 26    This bill provides that the contribution rate assigned to
  1 27 an employer of five or fewer employees for purposes of
  1 28 payments to the unemployment compensation trust fund shall be
  1 29 determined solely by using contribution rate table 8.
  1 30 Contribution rate table 8 provides for the lowest contribution
  1 31 rates to be assigned employers.  Current law provides that the
  1 32 contribution rate table applicable to all employers shall be
  1 33 determined pursuant to a formula calculating the financial
  1 34 status of the unemployment compensation trust fund and the
  1 35 bill continues this process for all employers with six or more
  2  1 employees.  
  2  2 LSB 5222YH 78
  2  3 ec/cls/14 

Text: HF02055                           Text: HF02057
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Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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