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House File 2037

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 163.40, Code 1999, is amended by adding
  1  2 the following new subsection:
  1  3    NEW SUBSECTION.  3.  "Licensee" means a person required to
  1  4 obtain a license pursuant to section 163.41.
  1  5    Sec. 2.  Section 163.43, Code 1999, is amended to read as
  1  6 follows:
  1  8    1.  No licensee shall lease as lessor, and no A person
  1  9 shall lease as not be lessee, a party to a lease of a breeding
  1 10 bull within this state in which the lessor is a licensee,
  1 11 unless such the breeding bull is accompanied by a health
  1 12 certificate signed.  For the purposes of this section, a
  1 13 breeding bull is leased within this state if it is leased to
  1 14 an Iowa resident.
  1 15    2.  The health certificate shall be issued by a licensed
  1 16 veterinarian and showing who examines the breeding bull and
  1 17 signs the health certificate.  The health certificate shall
  1 18 include all of the following:
  1 19    1.  That the breeding bull has been tested by a licensed
  1 20 veterinarian within sixty days prior to rental and found to be
  1 21 free from Bang's disease, and tuberculosis.
  1 22    2. a.  That, A statement that to the best of the knowledge
  1 23 and belief of the examining licensed veterinarian, the
  1 24 breeding bull is apparently free from any infectious,
  1 25 contagious, or communicable disease.
  1 26    b.  A statement that the breeding bull has reacted
  1 27 negatively to a test for brucellosis conducted within twelve
  1 28 months prior to the date that the veterinarian signs the
  1 29 health certificate.
  1 30    c.  If the breeding bull does not originate from this
  1 31 state, a statement that importing the breeding bull satisfies
  1 32 applicable importation requirements.
  1 33    3. d.  The identification number of the breeding bull
  1 34 tested and the as required pursuant to section 163.42.
  1 35    e.  The date of issuance of that the health certificate is
  2  1 issued.
  2  2    3.  Such The health certificate shall not be valid for one
  2  3 rental on one premise only after the term of the lease expires
  2  4 or after the breeding bull moves from the lessee's premises.
  2  5 Thereafter, a new health certificate must be issued after the
  2  6 breeding bull has been retested; but no new test for
  2  7 tuberculosis shall be required if the breeding bull is leased
  2  8 within sixty days of the last tuberculosis test as required in
  2  9 this section.
  2 10    4.  One copy of the health certificate shall be filed with
  2 11 the department within fourteen days after its issuance; and
  2 12 one.  One copy of the health certificate shall be issued to
  2 13 the lessee when the breeding bull is delivered to the lessee.
  2 14 A licensee shall show the health certificate of any breeding
  2 15 bull upon the request of any a person designated by the
  2 16 department to enforce the provisions of this division section.
  2 17 The licensee shall also, within Within ten days after the
  2 18 lease of each a breeding bull, the licensee shall notify the
  2 19 department in writing of the name and address of the person to
  2 20 whom the breeding bull is being leased, together with the date
  2 21 of delivery that the breeding bull was delivered.
  2 22    For the purposes of this section, a breeding bull is leased
  2 23 within this state if it is leased to an Iowa resident.
  2 24    Sec. 3.  Section 163.46, Code 1999, is amended to read as
  2 25 follows:
  2 26    163.46  SALE OF SEMEN.
  2 27    It shall be unlawful for the The owner of any a breeding
  2 28 bull located within this state to shall not sell the semen
  2 29 from that bull for the purpose of artificial insemination
  2 30 unless that person has the owner is in possession of a signed
  2 31 health certificate signed and issued by a licensed
  2 32 veterinarian within twelve months before the date the semen
  2 33 was is collected, provided the.  The health certificate shall
  2 34 not be valid if the bull had not been is moved to any other
  2 35 premise another premises between the date of examination and
  3  1 the date of collection, showing.  The health certificate shall
  3  2 show that on the date of issue the breeding bull had been
  3  3 tested negative for tuberculosis and Bang's disease
  3  4 brucellosis and, to the best knowledge and belief of the
  3  5 examining veterinarian, was apparently free from any
  3  6 infectious, contagious, or communicable disease.  If a
  3  7 breeding bull is moved to any other premise after issuance of
  3  8 the health certificate but prior to collection of the semen,
  3  9 that health certificate shall be invalid for purposes of this
  3 10 section.  
  3 11                           EXPLANATION
  3 12    This bill amends Code section 163.43, which provides that a
  3 13 breeding bull leased by a person required to be licensed by
  3 14 the department of agriculture and land stewardship must be
  3 15 accompanied by a health certificate issued by a veterinarian.
  3 16    The bill removes a requirement that the breeding bull must
  3 17 be tested for tuberculosis.  It retains a requirement that the
  3 18 breeding bull must react negatively to a test for brucellosis
  3 19 (sometimes referred to as "Bang's disease").  The bill
  3 20 rewrites a provision requiring that the test be conducted
  3 21 within 60 days prior to the lease.  It provides that the test
  3 22 must be administered within 12 months prior to the date that
  3 23 the certificate is issued.  The bill provides that the health
  3 24 certificate must state that an imported breeding bull
  3 25 satisfies state importation requirements.  A person who
  3 26 violates chapter 163 is guilty of a simple misdemeanor.
  3 27    The bill makes a number of stylistic changes in order to
  3 28 enhance readability without changing current law or practice.  
  3 29 LSB 5125YH 78
  3 30 da/as/5

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