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House File 2038

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 301.30, Code 1999, is amended to read
  1  2 as follows:
  1  5    1.  Boards of directors of school districts shall be
  1  6 required to provide textbook services to nonpublic school
  1  7 pupils as provided in section 301.1 only during school years
  1  8 when the general assembly has appropriated funds to the
  1  9 department of education for the payment of claims for textbook
  1 10 costs submitted by the school district.
  1 11    If the funds appropriated by the general assembly are not
  1 12 sufficient to pay claims submitted by the school districts,
  1 13 the amount paid to each school district by the department
  1 14 shall be prorated on the basis of funds so appropriated.  The
  1 15 difference between the amount of the claim of a school
  1 16 district and the amount of payment received from the
  1 17 department of education shall be paid by the parent or
  1 18 guardian of the nonpublic school pupil served.
  1 19    2.  There is appropriated from the general fund of the
  1 20 state to the department of education, for each fiscal year, an
  1 21 amount necessary to pay claims submitted to the department as
  1 22 provided in this section.
  1 23    3.  The costs of providing textbook services to nonpublic
  1 24 school pupils as provided in section 301.1 shall not be
  1 25 included in the computation of district cost under chapter
  1 26 257, but shall be shown in the budget as an expense from
  1 27 miscellaneous income.  Any textbook reimbursements received by
  1 28 a local school district for serving nonpublic school pupils
  1 29 shall not affect district cost limitations of chapter 257.
  1 30 The reimbursements provided in this section are miscellaneous
  1 31 income as defined in section 257.2.
  1 32    4.  Claims for reimbursement shall be made to the
  1 33 department of education by July 15 by the public school
  1 34 district providing textbook services during a school year on a
  1 35 form prescribed by the department, and the claim shall state
  2  1 the actual costs incurred in, and the actual number of
  2  2 nonpublic students requesting, the provision of textbook
  2  3 services.  Claims shall be accompanied by an affidavit of an
  2  4 officer of the public school district affirming the accuracy
  2  5 of the claim.  The department shall certify to the director of
  2  6 revenue and finance the amounts of approved claims to be paid,
  2  7 and the director of revenue and finance shall draw warrants
  2  8 payable to school districts which have established claims.
  2  9 The public school district of attendance shall furnish the
  2 10 services and shall receive reimbursement from the state.
  2 11 However, the services must be comparable to the services of
  2 12 the district of attendance and cannot exceed the per pupil
  2 13 cost of the program of the district of attendance.  
  2 14                           EXPLANATION
  2 15    This bill provides full state funding for textbook services
  2 16 school districts provide to accredited nonpublic school
  2 17 students.  Under Code section 301.1, school districts are
  2 18 required to make available to accredited nonpublic school
  2 19 students, upon request and to the extent funds are
  2 20 appropriated by the general assembly, textbooks adopted and
  2 21 purchased by the school district.  
  2 22 LSB 5135HH 78
  2 23 kh/as/5

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