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House Journal: Page 1900: Tuesday, April 21, 1998

A communication was received from the Governor announcing that
on April 21, 1998, he approved and transmitted to the Secretary
of State the following bills:
Senate File 2331, an act relating to agreements for the
provision of services, by excluding persons who provide
transportation of prisoners from statutory requirements
pertaining to private investigators or security agents and the
carrying of weapons, and providing for the sharing of certain
habilitative and treatment resources by the department of
corrections with the department of human services and providing
for certain contractual requirements and the adoption of rules
by the department of corrections.
Senate File 2339, an act relating to an inmate's right to
counsel in a postconviction proceeding pertaining to a
forfeiture of a reduction in sentence or the unlawful holding of
a person in custody or restraint.
Senate File 2353, an act relating to an allocation of state aid
for purposes of school-based youth services programs.
Senate File 2376, an act relating to the operation of the
lottery and providing a penalty.
Senate File 2383, an act relating to amusement ride rider
safety, providing a penalty, and providing an effective date.
The Speaker announced that the following visitors were present
in the House chamber:
Twelve 4th and 5th grade students from Clark Elementary, New
London, accompanied by Becki Harris and Cyndi Morgan.  By Heaton
of Henry.
MR. SPEAKER: The Chief Clerk of the House respectfully reports
that certificates of recognition have been issued as follows.
Chief Clerk of the House
1998\512	Spark and Laura Westendorf, Waucoma - For celebrating
their 60th wedding anniversary.
1998\513	Linda Klasen, Farmersburg - For celebrating her 100th
1998\514	Florence Bodensteiner, West Union - For celebrating her
90th birthday.

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