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House Journal: Page 1664: Wednesday, April 15, 1998

The bill having received a constitutional majority was declared
to have passed the House and the title was agreed to.
Siegrist of Pottawattamie asked and received unanimous consent
that Senate File 2295 be immediately messaged to the Senate.
The House resumed consideration of Senate Joint Resolution 2004,
a joint resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution of
the State of Iowa relating to the state budget by limiting state
general fund expenditures and restricting certain state tax
revenue changes, previously deferred.
Warnstadt of Woodbury offered amendment H-9105 filed by him as


 1     Amend Senate Joint Resolution 2004, as passed by
 2   the Senate, as follows:
 3     1.  Page 1, by inserting after line 33 the
 4   following:
 5     "d.  The first sixty million dollars of gambling
 6   revenues received by the state in each fiscal year
 7   shall be credited to the general fund of the state.
 8   All such revenues in excess of sixty million dollars
 9   shall be credited to the rebuild Iowa infrastructure
10   fund."
11     2.  Page 3, by inserting after line 11 the
12   following:
13     "___.  A rebuild Iowa infrastructure fund is
14   created.  The fund shall consist of excess gambling
15   revenues as provided in section 1, paragraph "d",
16   interest and earnings on any surplus moneys, and any
17   appropriations made to the fund.  The fund shall be
18   separate from the general fund of the state and the
19   balance in the fund shall not be considered part of
20   the balance of the general fund of the state.
21     Moneys in the infrastructure fund shall not revert
22   to any other fund.  Interest or earnings on moneys in
23   the infrastructure fund shall be credited to the
24   infrastructure fund.
25     Moneys in the fund in a fiscal year shall be used
26   as directed by the General Assembly for public
27   vertical infrastructure projects.  For the purposes of
28   this section, "vertical infrastructure" includes only
29   land acquisition and construction, major renovation
30   and major repair of buildings, all appurtenant

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