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48   of preparing or handling ready-to-eat foods, shall be
49   discarded when damaged or soiled or when the process
50   of food preparation or handling is interrupted.

Page 2  

 1   Single-use gloves must be used in conjunction with
 2   thorough hand washing practices in accord with
 3   paragraph (c).
 4     (c)  The use, pursuant to the manufacturer's
 5   instructions, of anti-microbial soaps, with the
 6   additional optional use of anti-bacterial protective
 7   skin lotions or anti-microbial hand sanitizers,
 8   rinses, or dips.  All such soaps, lotions, sanitizers,
 9   rinses, and dips must contain active topical anti-
10   microbial or anti-bacterial ingredients, registered by
11   the United States environmental protection agency,
12   cleared by the United States food and drug
13   administration, and approved by the United States
14   department of agriculture.
15     (d)  The use of such other practices, devices, or
16   products that are found by the division to achieve a
17   comparable level of protection to one or more of the
18   sanitary alternatives in paragraphs (a) through (c).
19     (3)  Regardless of the sanitary alternatives in
20   use, each public food service establishment shall
21   establish:
22     (a)  Systematic focused education and training of
23   all food service employees involved in the identified
24   procedures regarding the potential for transmission of
25   pathogenic organisms from contact with ready-to-eat
26   food.  The importance of proper hand washing and
27   hygiene in preventing the transmission of illness, and
28   the effective use of the sanitary alternatives and
29   monitoring systems utilized by the public food service
30   establishment, shall be reinforced.  The content and
31   duration of this training shall be determined by the
32   manager of the public food service establishment.
33     (b)  A monitoring system to demonstrate the proper
34   and effective use of the sanitary alternatives
35   utilized by the public food service establishment."
36     9.  Page 8, line 17, by inserting after the word
37   "functions." the following:  "A municipal corporation
38   may only enter into an agreement to enforce the Iowa
39   food code pursuant to this section if it also agrees
40   to enforce the Iowa hotel sanitation code pursuant to
41   section 137C.6."
42     10.  Page 9, lines 19 and 20, by striking the
43   words "open or operate a food establishment or food
44   processing plant" and inserting the following:
45   "operate a food establishment or food processing plant
46   to provide goods or services to the general public, or
47   open a food establishment to the general public,".

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