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House Journal: Page 1204: Thursday, April 2, 1998

23   cleaning; fur storage and repair; golf and country
24   clubs and all commercial recreation; house and
25   building moving; household appliance, television, and
26   radio repair; jewelry and watch repair; limousine
27   service, including driver; machine operator; machine
28   repair of all kinds; motor repair; motorcycle,
29   scooter, and bicycle repair; oilers and lubricators;
30   office and business machine repair; painting,
31   papering, and interior decorating; parking facilities;
32   pipe fitting and plumbing; wood preparation; licensed
33   executive search agencies; private employment
34   agencies, excluding services for placing a person in
35   employment where the principal place of employment of
36   that person is to be located outside of the state;
37   sewage services for nonresidential commercial
38   operations; sewing and stitching; shoe repair and
39   shoeshine; sign construction and installation; storage
40   of household goods, mini-storage, and warehousing of
41   raw agricultural products; swimming pool cleaning and
42   maintenance; taxidermy services; telephone answering
43   service; test laboratories, including mobile testing
44   laboratories and field testing by testing
45   laboratories, and excluding tests on humans or
46   animals; termite, bug, roach, and pest eradicators;
47   tin and sheet metal repair; turkish baths, massage,
48   and reducing salons, excluding services provided by
49   massage therapists licensed under chapter 152C;
50   weighing; welding; well drilling; wrapping, packing,

Page 2  

 1   and packaging of merchandise other than processed
 2   meat, fish, fowl and vegetables; wrecking service;
 3   wrecker and towing; pay television; campgrounds;
 4   carpet and upholstery cleaning; gun and camera repair;
 5   janitorial and building maintenance or cleaning; lawn
 6   care, landscaping and tree trimming and removal; pet
 7   grooming; reflexology; security and detective
 8   services; tanning beds or salons; and water
 9   conditioning and softening."
10     3.  Title page, line 7, by inserting after the
11   word "hospitals" the following:  "and services
12   provided by licensed massage therapists".
13     4.  By renumbering as necessary.
Chapman of Linn offered the following amendment H-8876, to
amendment H-8293, filed by her and Doderer of Johnson from the
floor and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend the amendment, H-8293, to House File 2513 as

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