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House Journal: Page 1193: Thursday, April 2, 1998

10   chapters 709B, 910A, and 912, Code and Code
11   Supplement, enacted in any Acts of the Seventy-seventh
12   General Assembly, 1998 Session, shall prevail over the
13   repeal of those provisions in 1998 Iowa Acts, House
14   File 2527, as the reenactment of those provisions in
15   new Code chapter 915 in that Act is intended to be a
16   continuation of the prior statutes but is not intended
17   to preclude further amendment of those provisions.
18     2.  The Code editor is therefore directed to apply
19   and harmonize any amendments enacted during the 1998
20   Session of the Seventy-seventh General Assembly to
21   section 232A.4, section 232.28, subsections 10 and 11,
22   sections 232.28A, 709.10, and 709.17, section 904.108,
23   subsection 6, and chapters 709B, 910A, and 912, Code
24   and Code Supplement, to the appropriate corresponding
25   provisions of new Code chapter 915, as enacted in 1998
26   Iowa Acts, House File 2527.
27     3.  If amendments in other 1998 Iowa Acts to any of
28   the repealed sections and chapters or partially
29   stricken sections cannot easily be applied and
30   harmonized to corresponding provisions in new Code
31   chapter 915, the amendments may be included in a Code
32   editor's bill to be submitted to the general assembly
33   which convenes in January 1999.
34     4.  Notwithstanding subsection 1, the repeal of
35   section 232.28A in section 81 of 1998 Iowa Acts, House
36   File 2527, is intended to prevail over the amendment
37   of section 232.28A in section 62 of that Act."
38     2.  Title page, line 1, by inserting after the
39   word "Act" the following:  "relating to crime victims,
40   by".
41     3.  Title page, line 2, by inserting after the
42   word "families" the following:  "and providing a Code
43   editor directive".
44     4.  By renumbering as necessary.
Amendment H-8738 was adopted.
Veenstra of Sioux moved that the bill be read a last time now
and placed upon its passage which motion prevailed and the bill
was read a last time.
On the question "Shall the bill pass?" (S.F. 2329)

The ayes were, 96:

Arnold 	Barry 	Bell 	Bernau 
Blodgett 	Boggess 	Bradley 	Brand 
Brauns 	Brunkhorst 	Bukta 	Burnett 
Carroll 	Cataldo 	Chapman 	Chiodo
Churchill 	Cohoon	Connors	Cormack 
Dinkla 	Dix 	Doderer 	Dolecheck 
Dotzler 	Drake 	Drees 	Eddie 

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