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House Journal: Page 685: Thursday, March 12, 1998

25     2A.  If a county provides cleanup of a condition
26   causing a clear, present, and impending danger to the
27   public health or environment, as provided in section
28   204.5, the county may make a claim against the fund to
29   pay cleanup costs incurred by the county, according to
30   procedures and requirements established by rules
31   adopted by the department.  The department shall
32   determine if a claim is eligible to be satisfied under
33   this subsection, and pay the amount of the claim
34   required in this section."
35     4.  Page 6, line 10, by striking the words "The
36   department" and inserting the following:  "If the
37   department fails to provide cleanup within twenty-four
38   hours after being notified of a condition requiring
39   cleanup, the county may provide for the cleanup as
40   provided in this paragraph.  The department or
41   county".
Amendment H-8253 was adopted.
Frevert of Palo Alto asked and received unanimous consent to
withdraw amendment H-8222 filed by her on March 4, 1998.
Frevert of Palo Alto offered the following amendment H-8236
filed by her and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend House File 2494 as follows:
 2     1.  Page 6, line 21, by striking the words
 4     2.  Page 6, line 22, by inserting after the word
 7     3.  By striking page 6, line 23, through page 7,
 8   line 6, and inserting the following:
 9     "1.  As used in this section:
10     a.  "Animal feeding operation structure" means the
11   same as defined in section 455B.161.
12     b.  "Confinement feeding operation" means the same
13   as defined in section 455B.161.
14     c.  "Small animal feeding operation" means the same
15   as defined in section 455B.161.
16     2.  a.  Notwithstanding section 335.2, a county may
17   adopt a confinement feeding operations siting
18   ordinance, pursuant to section 331.302.  The purpose
19   of the ordinance shall be to designate appropriate
20   sites in the county where a confinement feeding
21   operation is authorized to be constructed, regardless
22   of whether the county has adopted an ordinance under
23   chapter 335.  The ordinance shall authorize a person
24   to construct confinement feeding operation buildings
25   and related animal feeding operation structures in

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