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House Journal: Page 637: Wednesday, March 11, 1998

H_8334	H.F.	2335	Greiner of Washington
H_8335	H.F.	2335	Weigel of Chickasaw
H_8336	H.F.	2335	Weigel of Chickasaw
H_8337	H.F.	2005	Blodgett of Cerro Gordo
H_8338	H.F.	2491	Van Fossen of Scott
H_8339	H.F.	2494	Arnold of Lucas
H_8340	H.F.	2494	Kreiman of Davis
H_8341	H.F.	2494	Carroll of Poweshiek
H_8342	H.F.	2494	Scherrman of Dubuque
H_8343	H.F.	2494	Mundie of Webster
H_8344	H.F.	2496	Martin of Scott
H_8345	H.F.	2496	Martin of Scott
H_8346	H.F.	2496	Martin of Scott
H_8347	H.F.	2101	Taylor of Linn
H_8348	S.F.	2061	Huser of Polk
H_8349	H.F.	2494	Mundie of Webster
H_8350	H.F.	2494	Koenigs of Mitchell
H_8351	H.F.	2494	Mundie of Webster
H_8352	H.F.	2494	Witt of Black Hawk
H_8353	H.F.	2335	Koenigs of Mitchell
H_8354	H.F.	2494	Teig of Hamilton
H_8355	H.F.	2494	Frevert of Palo Alto
On motion by Gipp of Winneshiek, the House adjourned at 6:10
p.m., until 8:45 a.m., Thursday, March 12, 1998.

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