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House Journal: Page 409: Monday, March 2, 1998

H_8149	H.F.	2348	Committee on Human
H_8151	H.F.	2101	O'Brien of Boone
H_8152	H.F.	2494	Wise of Lee
	Bell of Jasper		Falck of Fayette
	Larkin of Lee		May of Worth
	Mertz of Kossuth		O'Brien of Boone
	Thomas of Clayton
H_8153	H.C.R.	15	Gries of Crawford
				Wise of Lee
H_8154	H.F.	2444	Holveck of Polk
				Boggess of Taylor
				Churchill of Polk
H_8155	H.F.	2101	Chiodo of Polk
H_8156	H.F.	2340	Doderer of Johnson
				Grundberg of Polk
On motion by Siegrist of Pottawattamie, the House adjourned at
6:33 p.m., until 8:45 a.m., Tuesday,  March 3, 1998.

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