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House Journal: Page 354: Wednesday, February 25, 1998

40   plant and equipment levy fund by September 15 of the
41   budget year.  Amounts credited shall be added to the
42   revenue generated from the regular and, if applicable,
43   voter-approved physical plant and equipment levies as
44   provided in this section and expended as provided in
45   section 298.3."
46     2.  Title page, line 1, by inserting after the
47   word "Act" the following:  "relating to the funds
48   available to school districts for infrastructure
49   needs,".
50     3.  Title page, line 3, by inserting after the

Page 2  

 1   word "bonds," the following:  "providing for the
 2   equalization of the regular physical plant and
 3   equipment levy, making an appropriation,".
 4     4.  By renumbering as necessary.
Schrader of Marion offered the following amendment H-8117, to
amendment H-8082, filed by him from the floor and moved its


 1     Amend the amendment, H-8082, to House File 2282, as
 2   follows:
 3     1.  Page 1, by striking line 45 and inserting the
 4   following:  "section 298.3.
 5     Sec. ___.  Section 298.2, Code Supplement 1997, is
 6   amended by adding the following new subsection:
 7     NEW SUBSECTION.  8.  For a school district which
 8   has not imposed the regular physical plant and
 9   equipment levy, or has not imposed the levy at the
10   thirty-three cent maximum level, there is appropriated
11   annually from the general fund of the state to the
12   department of management for the school budget year
13   beginning July 1, 1998, and succeeding budget years,
14   an amount equal to the difference between the ninety-
15   two dollar and fifty cents per pupil rate applied in
16   subsection 7 and the amount which would have been
17   received by a school district if it had imposed the
18   regular physical plant and equipment levy at the
19   thirty-three cent maximum level.  The funds
20   appropriated shall be allocated as follows:
21     a.  The department of management shall determine,
22   by April 15 of the base year, the amount of regular
23   physical plant and equipment levy property tax revenue
24   which would have been generated in a school district
25   if the district had imposed the levy at the maximum
26   thirty-three cent rate.  In making this determination,
27   the department shall utilize the most recent figures
28   available for the district's valuation of taxable

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