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House Journal: Page 980: Wednesday, April 2, 1997

Absent or not voting, 4:

Bradley        	Hansen         	Shoultz        	Van Fossen     	
The bill having received a constitutional majority was declared
to have passed the House and the title was agreed to.
Kreiman of Davis asked and received unanimous consent to
withdraw House File 339 from further consideration by the House.
House File 662, a bill for an act relating to the defense of
criminal charges, by making changes in the penalties applicable
to certain offenses for which appointment of counsel is
required, providing county attorneys or their designees with
access to the centralized employee registry for purposes of
collection of restitution, making changes relating to the
determination of a person's indigency, prohibiting the
submission of false information on an affidavit of financial
status, requiring the state to enforce liens for restitution in
criminal cases, and providing penalties, was taken up for

Millage of Scott offered the following amendment H-1478 filed by
him and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend House File 662, as follows:
 2     1.  Page 1, line 26, by striking the word "two"
 3   and inserting the following:  "three".
 4     2.  Page 1, line 32, by striking the word "two"
 5   and inserting the following:  "three".
 6     3.  Page 2, line 13, by striking the word "two"
 7   and inserting the following:  "three".
 8     4.  Page 2, line 24, by striking the word "two"
 9   and inserting the following:  "three".
10     5.  Page 2, line 29, by striking the word "two"
11   and inserting the following:  "three".
12     6.  By striking page 2, line 31, through page 3,
13   line 11.
14     7.  Page 3, line 24, by striking the word "two"
15   and inserting the following:  "three".
16     8.  Page 4, line 4, by striking the word "two" and
17   inserting the following:  "three".
18     9.  By striking page 4, line 30, through page 5,
19   line 2, and inserting the following:  "and necessary
20   briefs in behalf of the defendant.  However, the
21   reasonable compensation awarded an attorney shall not
22   be calculated based upon an hourly rate that exceeds
23   the rate a contract attorney as provided in section

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