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House Journal: Page 974: Wednesday, April 2, 1997

44   of human services shall allocate conversion
45   authorizations to provide for four conversions in each
46   of the department's five service regions.  If a
47   conversion authorization allocated to a region is not
48   used for conversion by January 1, 1998, the department
49   of human services may reallocate the unused conversion
50   authorization to another region.  The department of

Page 2  

 1   human services shall study the cost effectiveness of
 2   the conversions and provide an initial report to the
 3   general assembly no later than January 2, 1998, and a
 4   final report no later than December 15, 1998."
 5     6.  Page 11, by inserting after line 12 the
 6   following:
 9   The department of human services shall design a
10   program to provide an enhanced reimbursement rate for
11   individuals transferred from an intermediate care
12   facility for persons with mental retardation to a
13   residential care facility for persons with mental
14   retardation.  The enhanced reimbursement rate shall
15   not exceed the nonfederal share of intermediate care
16   facility for persons with mental retardation
17   reimbursement plus state supplementary assistance.
18   The department shall report to the general assembly
19   concerning the program on or before January 1, 1998.
20   The report shall address both the cost impact and
21   decreased utilization of intermediate care facilities
22   for persons with mental retardation level of care
23   which may result from implementation of the program."
24     7.  Page 11, by striking lines 26 through 29 and
25   inserting the following:  "economy and efficiency.  In
26   developing the service cost inflation recommendation,
27   the committee shall consider the cost trends indicated
28   by the expenditure reports submitted by counties
29   pursuant to subsection 1, paragraph "b".  The
30   governor".
31     8.  Page 12, by striking line 7 and inserting the
32   following:  "various types of services.  Data".
33     9.  Page 12, by striking lines 15 through 23 and
34   inserting the following:
35     "NEW SUBSECTION.  8A.  Contingent upon the
36   department of human services receiving federal
37   approval, a residential program which serves not more
38   than eight individuals and is licensed as an
39   intermediate care facility for persons with mental
40   retardation may surrender the facility license and
41   continue to operate under a federally approved medical
42   assistance home and community-based services waiver
43   for persons with mental retardation, if the department

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