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Senate Study Bill 2128

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 135B.7, unnumbered paragraph 2, Code
  1  2 1997, is amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The rules shall state that a hospital shall not deny
  1  4 clinical privileges to physicians and surgeons, podiatric
  1  5 physicians, osteopaths, osteopathic surgeons, dentists, or
  1  6 certified health service providers in psychology, physician
  1  7 assistants, or advanced registered nurse practitioners
  1  8 licensed under chapter 148, 148C, 149, 150, 150A, 152, or 153,
  1  9 or section 154B.7, solely by reason of the license held by the
  1 10 practitioner or solely by reason of the school or institution
  1 11 in which the practitioner received medical schooling or
  1 12 postgraduate training if the medical schooling or postgraduate
  1 13 training was accredited by an organization recognized by the
  1 14 council on postsecondary accreditation or an accrediting group
  1 15 recognized by the United States department of education.  A
  1 16 hospital may establish procedures for interaction between a
  1 17 patient and a practitioner.  Nothing in the The rules shall
  1 18 not prohibit a hospital from limiting, restricting, or
  1 19 revoking clinical privileges of a practitioner for violation
  1 20 of hospital rules, regulations, or procedures established
  1 21 under this paragraph, when applied in good faith and in a
  1 22 nondiscriminatory manner.  Nothing in this This paragraph
  1 23 shall not require a hospital to expand the hospital's current
  1 24 scope of service delivery solely to offer the services of a
  1 25 class of providers not currently providing services at the
  1 26 hospital.  Nothing in this This section shall not be construed
  1 27 to require a hospital to establish rules which are
  1 28 inconsistent with the scope of practice established for
  1 29 licensure of practitioners to whom this paragraph applies.
  1 30 This section shall not be construed to authorize the denial of
  1 31 clinical privileges to a practitioner or class of
  1 32 practitioners solely because a hospital has as employees of
  1 33 the hospital identically licensed practitioners providing the
  1 34 same or similar services.  
  1 35                           EXPLANATION
  2  1    This bill provides that the rules adopted for hospitals by
  2  2 the department of inspections and appeals with the advice and
  2  3 approval of the hospital licensing board and the state board
  2  4 of health shall not deny clinical privileges to physician
  2  5 assistants and advanced registered nurse practitioners solely
  2  6 by reason of the license held or by reason of the professional
  2  7 education received by the practitioner.  
  2  8 LSB 2617SC 77
  2  9 pf/jl/8

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