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Senate File 2155

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 237A.3A, subsection 10, paragraphs c
  1  2 and d, Code Supplement 1997, are amended to read as follows:
  1  3    c.  In addition to the number of children authorized in
  1  4 paragraph "a", not more than two five children who attend
  1  5 school may be present for a period of less than two hours at
  1  6 any one time.
  1  7    d.  Not more than eight eleven children shall be present at
  1  8 any one time when an inclement weather exception is in effect.
  1 10 EXCEPTION.  The exception provisions of this section are
  1 11 applicable to child care homes registering under section
  1 12 237A.3A during a transition period beginning with the
  1 13 effective date of this Act and ending two years from that
  1 14 date.  During the transition period, notwithstanding section
  1 15 237A.3A, a child care home provider registered with the
  1 16 department of human services who is providing child day care
  1 17 to four infants at the time of registration in the pilot
  1 18 project at level I, II, or III may continue to provide care to
  1 19 those four infants.  However, if the child care home no longer
  1 20 provides care to one or more of the infants or one or more of
  1 21 the infants reaches the age of twenty-four months, the
  1 22 transition period exception authorized in this section shall
  1 23 no longer apply.  The overall limitation on the number of
  1 24 children authorized for the level of care remains applicable.
  1 25    Sec. 3.  EFFECTIVE DATE.  This Act, being deemed of
  1 26 immediate importance, takes effect upon enactment.  
  1 27                           EXPLANATION
  1 28    This bill revises the number of children who may receive
  1 29 care under the child care home pilot projects and provides an
  1 30 immediate effective date.
  1 31    The bill amends Code section 237A.3A, which authorizes the
  1 32 child care home pilot projects in two counties of the state,
  1 33 to allow a provider registered at level I to care for
  1 34 additional school-age children for limited periods of time.
  1 35 Current law authorizes a level I provider to provide care to
  2  1 not more than two school-age children for periods of up to two
  2  2 hours.  The bill increases this number to five school-age
  2  3 children.  The bill also increases the number of children who
  2  4 may be cared for during an inclement weather exception from
  2  5 eight to 11 children to match the school-age increase.
  2  6    In addition, the bill establishes a two-year transition
  2  7 period exception for registered child day care providers who
  2  8 register with the pilot projects at level I, II, or III.
  2  9 Current law restricts the number of infants at these levels to
  2 10 not more than three.  Under the exception, the provider may
  2 11 continue to provide care for up to four infants who were
  2 12 receiving care at the time of registration with the pilot
  2 13 project.  The exception continues until one of the four
  2 14 infants no longer receives care from the provider or reaches
  2 15 the age of 24 months.  The overall number of children
  2 16 authorized for the level of care stays the same.  The
  2 17 exception period begins on the bill's effective date and
  2 18 continues for two years.
  2 19    The bill takes effect upon enactment.  
  2 20 LSB 3711XS 77
  2 21 jp/cf/24

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