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Senate File 58

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Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  NEW SECTION.  1.18  COMMON LANGUAGE OF STATE.
  1  2    The common language of the state shall be the English
  1  3 language and all official proceedings, records, and
  1  4 publications shall be in the English language.  This English
  1  5 language requirement shall not apply to communications in
  1  6 braille, to communications utilizing American sign language,
  1  7 or to any other form or method of communication intended for
  1  8 persons who are deaf, hard-of-hearing, blind, or visually
  1  9 impaired.  To foster the inclusion of individuals whose
  1 10 primary language is a language other than the English
  1 11 language, the state shall make every effort to provide
  1 12 instruction in the English language to such adults and
  1 13 children throughout the state.  The requirements of this
  1 14 section establishing English as the common language of the
  1 15 state shall not apply to any of the following:
  1 16    1.  To public employees in the oral or verbal, as opposed
  1 17 to written, performance of government business.
  1 18    2.  To instruction in foreign language classes.
  1 19    3.  To instruction designed to aid students with limited
  1 20 English proficiency.
  1 21    4.  When deemed to interfere with the needs of the judicial
  1 22 system.
  1 23    5.  When public health, safety, and emergency services
  1 24 require the use of other languages.
  1 25    6.  To the promotion of international commerce and tourism.
  1 26    7.  To any oral or written communications, examinations, or
  1 27 publications produced or utilized by a driver's license
  1 28 station.
  1 29    8.  To personal communications relating to a particular
  1 30 student and sent home from a school with that student.  All
  1 31 such communications may be in a language other than English if
  1 32 a non-English language is the dominant language in a student's
  1 33 home.
  1 34    9.  To any publication of any division of the department of
  1 35 human rights.  Written material produced by the divisions of
  2  1 the department of human rights relating to any matter within
  2  2 the scope of their authority may be published in any language
  2  3 the divisions currently utilize or may find necessary to
  2  4 utilize in the future in order to effectively communicate with
  2  5 the intended recipients of the material.  
  2  6 SF 58
  2  7 rn/cc/26

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