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House File 71

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 480.4, subsection 1, Code 1997, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    1.  Except as otherwise provided in this section, prior to
  1  4 any excavation, an excavator shall contact the notification
  1  5 center and provide notice of the planned excavation.  This
  1  6 notice must be given at least forty-eight hours prior to the
  1  7 commencement of the excavation, excluding Saturdays, Sundays,
  1  8 and legal holidays.  The notification center shall establish a
  1  9 toll-free telephone number to allow excavators to provide the
  1 10 notice required pursuant to this subsection.
  1 11    A notice provided pursuant to this subsection shall be
  1 12 verbal and include the following information: made to the
  1 13 notification center in a form and manner specified by the
  1 14 board by rule.  The rules of the board shall specifically
  1 15 require the excavator to provide data or information necessary
  1 16 to provide timely, accurate, and comprehensive communication
  1 17 between the excavator, notification center, and operator.  The
  1 18 notification shall be complete and accurate in describing the
  1 19 precise area of excavation.
  1 20    a.  The name of the person providing the notice.
  1 21    b.  The precise location of the proposed area of
  1 22 excavation, including the range, township, section, and
  1 23 quarter section, if known.
  1 24    c.  The name and address of the excavator.
  1 25    d.  The excavator's telephone number.
  1 26    e.  The type and extent of the proposed excavation.
  1 27    f.  Whether the discharge of explosives is anticipated.
  1 28    g.  The date and time when excavation is scheduled to
  1 29 begin.
  1 30    For purposes of the requirements of this section, an
  1 31 excavation commences the first time excavation occurs in an
  1 32 area that was not previously identified by the excavator in an
  1 33 excavation notice.  
  1 34                           EXPLANATION
  1 35    This bill amends the notification requirements imposed on
  2  1 an excavator under the state's one-call provisions.  The bill
  2  2 strikes language requiring that the notification be verbal and
  2  3 language setting forth specific information related to the
  2  4 excavator and the site of the excavation which is included in
  2  5 the notice made to the notification center.  The bill provides
  2  6 that notice is to be made to the notification center in a
  2  7 manner specified by the board by rule.  The notification is to
  2  8 be complete and accurate in describing the precise area of
  2  9 excavation.  
  2 10 LSB 1607HH 77
  2 11 mj/cf/24

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