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House Journal: Page 1959: Tuesday, April 30, 1996

43     75.  Page 38, by striking lines 18 through 23 and
44   inserting the following:
45     "   .  For matching grants for teachers who select
46   to participate in the national board for professional
47   teaching standards process:
48 	$     40,000
49     From the moneys appropriated in this subsection,
50   not more than one thousand dollars per teacher shall

Page   9

 1   be available toward the cost of the certification
 2   process to be matched by the teacher or by the school
 3   district which employs the teacher or has a continuing
 4   contract with the teacher.
 5        .  For the development of a K-12 and community
 6   college management information system:
 7 	$    150,000
 8     If funds available are insufficient to fully fund
 9   the appropriation for a management information system
10   in this subsection, the amount distributed for the
11   management information system shall be reduced to an
12   amount equal to the available funds.
14   January 1, 1997, the department of education, in
15   consultation with the Iowa association of community
16   college trustees, shall submit recommendations for a
17   funding formula that identifies and addresses
18   community college needs.
20   Section 260C.18A, as enacted in this Act, is repealed
21   effective July 1, 1997.  The Code editor shall strike
22   the reference to section 260C.18A in section 260C.34
23   effective July 1, 1997."
24     76.  Page 38, line 25, by striking the figure
25   "225.28".
26     77.  By striking page 38, line 29, through page
27   39, line 6.
28     78.  Page 39, line 7, by striking the word and
29   figures "8, 12, and 46" and inserting the following:
30   "201, 8, and 12".
31     79.  By renumbering as necessary.
Grundberg of Polk offered the following amendment H-6057, to the
Senate amendment H-5522 filed by Grundberg, Shoultz, Hammitt-
Barry, Gries, Witt, Rants and Nelson of Pottawattamie from the
floor and moved its adoption:


 1     Amend the Senate amendment, H-5522, to House File
 2   2477, as amended, passed, and reprinted by the House,

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