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House Journal: Page 1508: Tuesday, April 9, 1996

H_5889	S.F.	2256	Martin of Scott
			Lamberti of Polk
H_5890	H.F.	2496	Vande Hoef of Osceola
H_5894	S.F.	2298	Committee on
 			Ways and Means
H_5895	H.F.	2496	Weigel of Chickasaw
H_5896	S.F.	2464	Committee on 
H_5899	H.F.	2259	Senate Amendment
H_5900	H.F.	2312	Halvorson of Clayton
H_5901	H.F.	2496	Weigel of Chickasaw
H_5902	S.F.	2256	Lamberti of Polk
			Heaton of Henry
			Cohoon of Des Moines
H_5903	H.F.	2447	Holveck of Polk
			Shoultz of Black Hawk
			Burnett of Story
			Bernau of Story
H_5908	H.F.	2490	Weigel of Chickasaw

On motion by Siegrist of Pottawattamie, the House adjourned at
7:02 p.m., until 8:45 a.m., Wednesday, April 10, 1996.

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