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House File 2259

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  1  1    Section 1.  Section 384.38, subsection 3, Code 1995, is
  1  2 amended to read as follows:
  1  3    3.  A city may establish, by ordinance or by resolution
  1  4 adopted as an ordinance after twenty days' notice published in
  1  5 accordance with section 362.3, and a public hearing consistent
  1  6 with the requirements of section 384.50, one or more districts
  1  7 and schedules of fees for the connection of property to the
  1  8 city sewer or water utility.  If the governing body directs
  1  9 that notice be made by mail, the notice shall be as required
  1 10 in section 384.50.  Each person whose property will be served
  1 11 by connecting to the city sewer or water utility shall pay a
  1 12 connection fee to the city.  The ordinance shall be certified
  1 13 by the city and recorded in the office of the county recorder
  1 14 of the county in which a district is located.  The connection
  1 15 fees are due and payable when a utility connection application
  1 16 is filed with the city.  A connection fee shall not exceed may
  1 17 include the equitable part of the total original cost to the
  1 18 city of extending the utility to the properties within the
  1 19 district, less any part of the cost which has been previously
  1 20 assessed or paid to the city under this division IV, including
  1 21 reasonable interest from the date of construction to the date
  1 22 of payment.  All fees collected under this subsection shall be
  1 23 paid to the city treasurer.  The moneys collected as fees
  1 24 shall only be used for the purposes of operating the utility,
  1 25 or to pay debt service on obligations issued to finance
  1 26 improvements or extensions to the utility.
  1 27    This subsection shall not apply when a city annexation plan
  1 28 includes annexation of an area adjoining the city and a
  1 29 petition has not been presented as provided in section 384.41
  1 30 for a city sewer or water utility connection.  Until
  1 31 annexation takes place, or the annexation plan is abandoned,
  1 32 the state mandate contained in section 455B.172, subsections
  1 33 3, 4, and 5, shall not apply unless the individual property
  1 34 owner voluntarily pays the connection fee and requests to be
  1 35 connected to the city sewer or water utility.  
  2  1 HF 2259
  2  2 js/pk/25

Text: HF02258                           Text: HF02260
Text: HF02200 - HF02299                 Text: HF Index
Bills and Amendments: General Index     Bill History: General Index

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