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House Journal: Page 333: Wednesday, February 14, 1996

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Recommended Do Pass February 13, 1996.
Committee Bill (Formerly House Study Bill 606), relating to
motorcycle rider education and providing an effective date.
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Recommended Do Pass February 13, 1996.
HCR 111, by Larson, Renken, Weidman, Drake, Myers, Vande Hoef,
Garman, Van Fossen, Sukup, Thomson, Warnstadt, Tyrrell, Kremer,
Heaton, Bradley, Churchill, Siegrist, Halvorson, Schulte, Rants,
Teig, Lamberti, Hammitt Barry, Arnold, Gries, Daggett, Baker,
Dinkla and Nutt, a concurrent resolution supporting Iowa
military personnel in the Bosnian peacekeeping mission.
Laid over under Rule 25.

H_5071   	H.F.   	308   	Committee on Labor- 				 	  Industrial
H_5072	H.F.	523	Coon of Warren
H_5073	H.F.	2109	Committee on Judiciary
On motion by Siegrist of Pottawattamie, the House adjourned at
2:27 p.m., until 8:45 a.m., Thursday, February 15, 1996.

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