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House File 2261

Partial Bill History

Bill Text

  1  1    Section 1.  Section 400.11, unnumbered paragraphs 1 and 2,
  1  2 Code 1995, are amended to read as follows:
  1  3    The commission, within ninety days after the beginning of
  1  4 each competitive examination for original appointment or for
  1  5 promotion, shall certify to the city council a list of the
  1  6 names of the ten persons who qualify with the highest standing
  1  7 as a result of each examination for the position they seek to
  1  8 fill, or the number which have qualified if less than ten, in
  1  9 the order of their standing, and all newly created offices or
  1 10 other vacancies in positions under civil service which occur
  1 11 before the beginning of the next examination for the positions
  1 12 shall be filled from the lists, or from the preferred list
  1 13 existing as provided for in case of diminution of employees,
  1 14 within thirty days.  The list for original appointment shall
  1 15 be valid for not more than one year.  If a tie occurs in the
  1 16 examination scores which would qualify persons for the tenth
  1 17 position on the list, the list of the names of the persons who
  1 18 qualify with the highest standing as a result of each
  1 19 examination shall include all persons who qualify for the
  1 20 tenth position.  Preference for temporary service in civil
  1 21 service positions shall be given those on the lists.  However,
  1 22 the commission may certify a list of names eligible for
  1 23 appointment subject to successfully completing a medical
  1 24 examination.  The medical examination shall be provided
  1 25 pursuant to commission rules adopted under section 400.8.
  1 26    The commission may hold in reserve, for original
  1 27 appointments and for promotions, additional lists of ten
  1 28 persons each next highest in standing, in order of their
  1 29 grade, or such number as may qualify if less than ten.  If the
  1 30 list of ten persons provided in the first paragraph is
  1 31 exhausted within one year, the commission may certify such
  1 32 additional lists of ten persons each, in order of their
  1 33 standing, to the council as eligible for appointment to fill
  1 34 such vacancies as may exist.  However, for original
  1 35 appointments only, no more than four lists of ten persons each
  2  1 shall be certified for each one-year period of eligibility,
  2  2 not to exceed a one-year period.  
  2  3                           EXPLANATION
  2  4    This bill provides that lists of eligible candidates
  2  5 certified to the commission to fill original appointments in
  2  6 city civil service are valid for one year only.  
  2  7 LSB 3926HH 76
  2  8 tj/jw/5

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