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House File 554

Bill History prepared on JUL 10, 1996 .

Introduced by
Ways and Means.
A bill for an act relating to state and local taxes including appeals of department of revenue and finance actions, the prohibition of unconstitutional or illegal tax collections, assessment procedures pertaining to amended returns, corporate income tax rates, sales tax on test laboratory services, collection of sales tax by out-of-state retailers, interest accrual on sales and use tax refunds, sales tax permit denial for delinquent taxes, bonding provisions for sales tax and environmental protection charge contested case decisions, costs associated with contested case hearings, penalty for underpayment of corporation income and franchise taxes, services subject to use tax, penalty for underpayment of use tax, the repeal of obsolete property tax provisions, and imposition of the drug excise tax on unprocessed marijuana plants and providing effective and applicability date provisions. (Formerly HSB 130) Effective 7-1-95 with exception of Section 3, effective 4-25-95.


Apr. 03 95
Introduced, placed on Ways and Means calendar. H.J. 1140.
Apr. 17 95
Passed House, ayes 96, nays none. H.J. 1596.
Apr. 17 95
Immediate message. H.J. 1597.
Apr. 17 95
Message from House. S.J. 1237.
Apr. 17 95
Read first time, passed on file. S.J. 1237.
Apr. 17 95
Attached to Companion SF 474 on Senate Calendar. S.J. 1246.
Apr. 18 95
Substituted for SF 474. S.J. 1254.
Apr. 18 95
Passed Senate, ayes 50, nays none. S.J. 1255.
Apr. 18 95
Immediate message. S.J. 1263.
Apr. 18 95
Message from Senate. H.J. 1691.
Apr. 24 95
Reported correctly enrolled. H.J. 1840.
Apr. 24 95
Signed by Speaker. H.J. 1840.
Apr. 24 95
Signed by President. H.J. 1840.
Apr. 24 95
Sent to Governor. H.J. 1840.
Apr. 25 95
Signed by Governor. H.J. 1966.

* * * * * END OF 1995 ACTIONS * * * * *

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