572.1   Definitions and rules of construction.
572.2   Persons entitled to lien.
572.3   Collateral security before completion of work.
572.4   Security after completion of work.
572.5   Extent of lien.
572.6   In case of leasehold interest.
572.7   In case of internal improvement.
572.8   Perfection of lien.
572.9   Time of filing.
572.10  Perfecting subcontractor's lien after lapse of ninety days.
572.11  Extent of lien filed after ninety days.
572.12  Time of filing against railway.
572.13  Liability of owner to original contractor.
572.14  Liability to subcontractor after payment to original contractor.
572.15  Discharge of subcontractor's lien -- bond.
572.16  Rule of construction.
572.17  Priority of mechanics' liens between mechanics.
572.18  Priority over other liens -- priority of certain construction mortgage liens.
572.19  Priority over garnishments of the owner.
572.20  Priority as to buildings over prior liens upon land.
572.21  Foreclosure of mechanic's lien when lien on land.
572.22  Record of claim.
572.23  Acknowledgment of satisfaction of claim.
572.24  Time of bringing action -- court.
572.25  Place of bringing action.
572.26  Kinds of action -- amendment.
572.27  Limitation on action.
572.28  Demand for bringing suit.
572.29  Assignment of lien.
572.30  Action by subcontractor or owner against contractor.
572.31  Co-operative and condominium housing.
572.32  Attorney fees -- remedies.
572.33  Requirement of notification. 



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