572.30  Action by subcontractor or owner against contractor.

Unless otherwise agreed, a principal contractor who engages a subcontractor to supply labor or materials or both for improvements, alterations or repairs to a specific owner-occupied dwelling shall pay the subcontractor in full for all labor and materials supplied within thirty days after the date the principal contractor receives full payment from the owner. If a principal contractor fails without due cause to pay a subcontractor as required by this section, the subcontractor, or the owner by subrogation, may commence an action against the contractor to recover the amount due. Prior to commencing an action to recover the amount due, a subcontractor, or the owner by subrogation, shall give notice of nonpayment of the cost of labor or materials to the principal contractor paid for the improvement. Notice of nonpayment must be in writing, delivered in a reasonable manner, and in terms that reasonably identify the real estate improved and the nonpayment complained of. In an action to recover the amount due a subcontractor, or the owner by subrogation, under this section, the court in addition to actual damages, shall award a successful plaintiff exemplary damages against the contractor in an amount not less than one percent and not exceeding fifteen percent of the amount due the subcontractor, or the owner by subrogation, for the labor and materials supplied, unless the principal contractor does one or both of the following, in which case no exemplary damages shall be awarded:

1.  Establishes that all proceeds received from the person making the payment have been applied to the cost of labor or material furnished for the improvement.

2.  Within fifteen days after receiving notice of nonpayment the principal contractor gives a bond or makes a deposit with the clerk of the district court, in an amount not less than the amount necessary to satisfy the nonpayment for which notice has been given under this section, and in a form approved by a judge of the district court, to hold harmless the owner or person having the improvement made from any claim for payment of anyone furnishing labor or material for the improvement, other than the principal contractor.

Section History: Early form

  [81 Acts, ch 186, § 4]

Section History: Recent form

  87 Acts, ch 79, §9

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